My Johanna Basford Colouring Day-To-Day Calendar

I am so happy with this treat from the sales of Johanna Basford Colouring Calendar that I wanted to tell you about it and show you how lovely her artwork is to colour.

This is a wonderful set of colouring to do, as you may know I love colouring , see the Whimsy Colouring challenge HERE and more Johanna talk Colouring Fun – Johanna Basford

There is something so calming and creative about colouring and there are some amazing results that can be had.

What I liked about the idea of this was that the pictures were smaller and I thought probably faster to colour, although it’s not a race I wanted to feel I had completed more pictures from my growing colouring collection.

Also I loved the idea of a calendar themed to be coloured in every day of the year, it was on my wish list but I didn’t think I would get it, but then a SALE happened and it was nearly half the price it had been, okay it is a little into the year BUT that just gives me some fun catch up.

I was excited for it to arrive – got the door fast when the delivery came earlier in the day than expected and I saved it for only a short time before I dived in.

It was as nice as I hoped and in some ways nicer, it comes in a beautiful sturdy presentation box, not to big or small, and it opens smoothly and reminds me of a cardboard jewelry box, it has a ribbon so you can get to the pile of paper easily rather than using fingers down the sides to get the pile up, much easier.

Love my 365 days colouring Calendar by Johanna Basford

The art is taken from three Johanna books, Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean, (I don’t have lost ocean so that is extra fun) and someone said they found two or three pictures that had not been in any of the books but I don’t know if that is a fact or not. They muse have studied them VERY hard . Some pictures are a section of the pic and some are scaled down I think.

The paper quality feel fine to me, it does feel thin, it isn’t card, but I expected that, and it takes my fine liners well so that’s great, and one-sided paper too.

The box is designed so you can sit some sheets up the top opening part, and it is fun to see colouring labeled for all those day -I eagerly turned to today to find what I had! – was pretty flowers, I’m guessing secret garden.

It took me about 35 mins to complete one and I really enjoyed it and it was a highlight in my day and powered me up to tackle more housework.

Catching up on the days I haven’t done this year yet on the Johanna Basford Colouring calendar.

I’m already looking forward to tomorrows picture and the fact I have some catch up to do, it really was a fun way to spend time and I have a nice selection of colours to choose from. today I went for mostly green with splashes of red and more.

I will want to keep all the pages at year-end and store them in the box, but of course they could be journaled or something – how I love a journal see Journal Love – A Celebration or even Journal Love!

There is space by the dates to write if you like so this could be used for things to do, appts or you could do like me  which is gratitude from my day, what a nice positive thing to look back on I thought, or of course if you like it looking clear you can leave it blank, it suits all in this way. I am excited for it as a way to do gratitude’s on there though, I was journaling some but I think this will be a bonus to the colouring.

This is a UK exclusive, but if you are not in the UK there is lots of Johanna art around still with  books Secret Garden, Lost Ocean, Enchanted Forest and Johanna Christmas, but also you could buy a pocket-size colouring book, there are MANY about, and they are great for on the go colouring or when you want a smaller picture to do, one of my favorites is this mandala book which is very calming by

Hope you have enjoyed this chat and that you too enjoy colouring or maybe will try it, there are SO many great books out there and it is a pretty inexpensive hobby to get started on.

I talk here about the pens and pencils I like best Johanna Basford Inky Colouring plus Doodles but they are so not the only ones, there is so much choice (if you want to not spend much please go with crayola as to me anyway, they are the best cheap ones, along with Bic tropicolor brand.)

Have fun with art and feel free to ask to join my WhimsyandCosy Craft (includes art) club on Facebook, there is lots of fun there as well. Search ‘whimsyandcosy craft club’.

Until next time





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