Talking Books with Author Kate Hewitt

Felt really lucky to have a chat with author Kate Hewitt.

Kate is writer of several book with one of  her reads gracing the January pick for February ‘discuss’ on the whimsyandcosy Facebook group.

We are discussing the book Kate wrote called ‘A Yorkshire Christmas’ as book club pick at the moment (we read it just after Christmas) and what a TREAT  that I can share with you the chat. You have to be eagle eyed with the kindle as the books ends about half way through on kindle percent then you get another read as a bonus.

Here’s another author interview for you … and book chat here also … 

Here is our Chat! sit down with a cuppa and put your feet up

Kate Hewitt on my Kindle

I talked to Kate recently about her writing and ideas on things, it’s book of the month FEB 2017 at WhimsyandCosy Book Club (search it that exact way on Facebook) and join our blog book challenge BOOK CHALLENGE TBR 2017 and colouring challenge…Whimsy Colouring Challenge 2017 – craft and art club on Facebook is searchable as WhimsyandCosy Craft club.

1 How long does it take you to write a book mostly, – do you think about the idea for ages first?

It depends on the book. I tend to do a lot of thinking first, and then write fairly quickly. Depending on the genre, a book might take anywhere from a month to three months to write.

Wow, that’s quick

2 Do you consider the noting of characters and setting part of the ‘writing’?

Yes, it’s all of a piece—characters and setting are vitally important.

3 How important do you think setting is to a book?  I loved the setting in your book ‘A Yorkshire Christmas’ and the story in the book with it ..‘Falling for Christmas’?

I really like the reader to feel immersed in the setting, so I’d say it’s very important to me. I love creating a place and letting it add resonance to the story.

I agree it can make so much difference Kate

4 What is the best thing to you about writing a book?  And the hardest?

The best thing is that thrilling, light bulb moment when an idea slots into place. The hardest thing is the saggy middle of a story, when you question everything you’ve ever written.

5 Have you always wanted to be a writer?

In one capacity or another. I’ve wanted to be a journalist, poet, and playwright before settling on novels.

6 Do you keep a journal? (I love journals!)

I kept a daily or almost journal from the age of 9 to 22. Then I got married, had children, and stopped.

You STILL can, really you CAN (can’t you tell how much I love journaling)

7 Are you writing a book now?

I’m always writing a book! Right now I’m writing the second in my Willoughby Close series.

I must look that up Kate!

8 Do you take lots of breaks when writing and what is the biggest distraction?

The internet is the biggest distraction by far. I can write without stopping for about an hour and a half before I need a break.

Kate – I KNEW it was going to be the internet,  for ALL of us!

9 Does the weather make a difference to your writing?

Yes, I think so. I live in the UK so it’s often rainy or gloomy, and when the sun shines I realize how much I’ve missed it.

Me – Kate! I love the UK weather, it varies and is BEAUTIFUL in its variety, and I live here too 🙂

10 What are your plans for the year?

Writing and more writing. I have a lot of books contracted, which is a great feeling, if a bit pressurizing!

Thank you so much Kate for the interview, it was interesting and I want to read more of your books, I expect various people reading will want to look you up as well and see the books they can choose from.

Don’t forget everyone who loves a read to join the book challenge WhimsyandCosy Book Challenge 

Bye for now everyone



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