‘Zozie’ Blanket Crochet-a-Long Update

I am so enjoying the rows of yarn pleasure as I do my own blanket in crochet for the blog crochet-a-long.

I want to thank all of you who signed up and let you know that I am busy myself making the Zozie blanket too. It’s FUN, fun fun.

I thought seeing as so many of you are into crochet I will make sure I do plenty of posts to update you – you need to email subscribe to get the full picture – see It’s the WhimsyandCosy Crochet a long 2017 and Crochet-A-Long 2017 announcement 

The idea is a self-care blanket and it really could change your life if you let it – but I can’t tell you HOW as that’s for the special PDF (see HERE) to give you the treat of. ..along with other exclusive articles by me.  Hope you enjoy it – I worked hard on it for you 🙂 Sign up today and join in the ZOZIE fun 🙂

How is my blanket coming along you may ask? read on for pictures/info/ on my and others ‘Zozie’s’

– well I’m really pleased – it’s doing its trick of getting me back into doing MORE crochet again and it really is SO RELAXING sitting and whiling away time creating something – along with some You Tube on TV (zoella joins me in the lounge! – she has a LOT of make-up folks and it was fascinating, more Zoella chat another day.)

Zoella talks beauty while I make my ‘Zozie’ crochet blanket for showing you at WhimsyandCosy.

Also I have a great audio book on the go (called Piano Manit’s a bit spicy be warned but a great silly but heartrending story so far, good audio reader too which is great also. )

Well those rows of crochet calm just flow – although I will tell you I had one of those mental blocks in the week where my stitch wouldn’t go right and I ‘frogged’ some (undid!) and tried again, I couldn’t work it out and it had not happened since I started to crochet. ..well…

…First I thought my tension had changed but NO …turns out I was forgetting one bit of the stitch process silly me! (and a relief to be back in the saddle).

Here’s Zozie’s ZOZIE blanket ‘crochet-a-long’

Once I realized that I was well away and the hook was gliding in and out of the yarn with ease. Phew! – I really wondered what the heck was going on LOL

I have so many rows planned out now already…so I’m ahead in that way but I’m pleased with my start. I love the colours and it’s fun to see what comes next in the colour order for me.

YOU and the CAL

I am so happy some of you have told me how you are starting your ZOZIE blanket, and I love how all of us are creating something that is very individual to us but with our zozie self-care theme.  It’s SO COOL.  Well done to all of you.

It’s such a lovely way to do more of what you love and want to do.

Remember to email sign up if YOU want to join in and PLEASE do let me know any progress reports as it means a lot to me to hear any and is lots of fun. (email sign up is usually under comments on mobile or to the right on everything else)

So, because some of you are in my ‘WhimsyandCosy Craft club’ on Facebook, some of you are kind enough to want to share your progress on there, and that is really fun. We will have regular update threads to join in on if you want to chat blanket!

Here are two beautiful ‘ZOZIE’ blankets coming along – they kindly let me show the pictures here for you… good inspiration.


Well done Rebecca Techmeier you are off to a brilliant start, love the shades and glad it has been helping you through your cold! Your CAL (crochet-a-long)  with WhimsyandCosy looks off to a cosy start. Even your hook co-ordinates!

Rebecca Techmeier is doing the ‘ZOZIE’ blanket crochet-a-long. Here is Rebecca’s blanket so far.

Here’s the start Jessica Combs has got off too, I love it, she has decided to do a ripple look. Lots of ocean colours thoughts to me when I look at it so far. Well done Jessica.

Zozie Blanket crochet-a-long by Jessica Combs

Also Jessica has let me show you how she is recording her ‘Zozie’ Blanket so far, it looks like Jessica likes to journal – like me – see HERE or Journal Love!  Jess has recorded her crochet-a-long detail in a really organized way. I set something similar up a few weeks ago and in WRITTEN am on about row 40, but in practice am on about row 6 . Ha ha.

Here is Jessica’s example, and she EVEN has swatches of colour, 10 points to Gryffindor – just joking, especially if you are Ravenclaw 🙂

Jessica Combs’s journal page to record the ‘Zozie’ blanket crochet-a-long. Love the washi tape as well.

I think Jess will be on page two soon, I think those crochet hooks will be flying this weekend as she has her yarn all ready to go  ‘en mass’.

It’s great to be able to show you how different people can all do the ZOZIE blanket and get great results. It makes me feel so happy.

Remember YOU can learn crochet with patience and practice, and either a relative or friend who crochets, a book, a magazine, or my favorite You Tube. Although I did mostly learn from a magazine called ‘The Art of Crochet’. Ask me any questions too – not that I am an EXPERT.


Back to my blanket!

Here is my blanket coming along from a different angle

Zozie’s ZOZIE blanket, I am loving the crochet-a-long.

It is no hurry either which is great , although wanting to regularly show you how I am doing is encouragement and that is helpful.  I am still wanting to get on with my lap blanket as well though as discussed  as one of many things crochet  in Crochet – Talking Work in Progress

Are you into crochet and what are you making, and are YOU doing the CAL along with us as well, love to know if you feel like sharing anytime 🙂 and remember you can chat here or on Facebook or both. JOIN IN

Take Care



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