A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery – do they crochet or knit?

A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery is the first in a series by Molly MacRae.

I just finished it recently and really enjoyed it – wanted to tell you how I found it as my latest cozy mystery read.

I mean… haunted yarn shop –  gotta be a good premise for a book hasn’t it, its such an interesting idea and firstly I love yarn with my love of crochet see Crochet-A-Long 2017 announcement  


but secondly in a book ghosts can be fantastic for a story line.

One of the things I can find with a cozy is sometimes the reasons that attracted you to the book are not highlighted in the story as much as you may like,- as they are a very back part to the story BUT here the ghostly yarn shop was brought in enough, although I have to say the yarn shop itself didn’t appear to be haunted!! it was the house that our protagonist was staying in that was. (so a little confused on that one). Seeing as there was yarn (although take note LITTLE of it) I was pleased, and there was a ghost (LOTS of ghost chat ).

What made this book a 4 star read for me, was, it was easy to read  – in that I wanted to read it and it didn’t drag, the story was interesting, the murder happened BEFORE the story started which was a new cozy mystery turn for me and the characters were interesting and mostly likeable or irritating  which I find good in a read.

Last wool and Testament mystery book

The ghost part was fantastic as it was so humorous, even though you (well, I anyway,) felt sorry for the ghost,( a woman who wept and wailed one minute and wanted to act out cop movies the next) she was so funny and I am hoping a character that goes all through the series, which I think is at five book and I hope isn’t one of the many cancelled cozies.

The protagonist is a woman returning to the town for a funeral of her Grandma, and straight away has a run in with a cop that you can’t help thinking will be her cozy romance person. As isn’t that what usually happens in these books, they argue,   don’t get on and then you hear he has a strong jaw and is over 6 foot tall and you just KNOW it’s a sign for the romance bit. (a little lacking in this book).

The grandma’s sounds a really interesting character and it would have been cook if SHE was also a ghost as then we could have chatted to her via the story, she seems to have been a witch of sorts who loved yarn and made magical garments, sounds like a series by itself!

Still, we get hunts for journals and snakes let loose, we get a team working on the CASE, drama by the shed load, and more to come in the next book I guess, which I WOULD like to read.

What we didn’t get was a book that didn’t allow me to put it down for lots of days  – that did happen – and oh no! – I GUESSED who DID IT! (my cozy bugbear!) see Guessed the WHODUNIT?

Having said that the story was so good and the ghost so funny that I really want to read the next one so well done Molly.

Here’s one of my older book reviews Stirring up the COZY Mystery

Have any of you read the haunted yarn shop series? and IS the guy who was the caretaker sort of chap a runner for ‘love interest’ in the story too? (one of those which guy ones).

Anyway LOVE to hear your views in the comments and hope you will tell me what cozies YOU have been reading and if they are worth me reading as well đŸ™‚

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The first yarn shop mystery book with its lovely yarn shop cover and cat.

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