It’s not all fun and games


Just thought I would write you a little note every so often to keep the updates more often – my longer updates take a long time to plan prepare and do- along with any pictures and tagging of the blog post and hoping lots will want to read it (well, lots to ME ) 

-I get tired like you all and I have things to do and needs of relaxation.’s funny…doing my blog is something I am loving doing but relaxing is not MOST of what it’s about. But I am trying to be less concerned about getting the posts seen – although I hope you see it!

 If you look up info about blogging you will start to see the information roll in… and I’m just doing this as a hobby- as a way of bringing more enjoyment /entertainment out into the world. I’m not making money from it. 

I do its as it’s fun and I get nice compliment’s on it that tell me others like it. So if it gives to someone’s day in a positive way then that makes me feel good.

Today I feel so tired- I’ve spent the morning carting armfuls of washing upstairs and folding and putting away LOADS . The washing baskets already nearly full and I keep loads going regularly – where does it come from? – is it almost- only ALMOST – as big a mystery as missing socks from a pair .

I want to read or something now,  I’m concerned my brain won’t let me switch off – but I intend to try.

latest read review here for you

Glad quite a lot have visited to read my latest cozy mystery review. I am reading another but it’s the third and last lighthouse library mystery. More on that another time.

I have an audio book on the go too- do you ever audio? 

Hoping my weekend is relaxing and my brain will wind down into relaxation a bit more.

latest crochet update at this time

Wishing you a weekend filled with as MUCH relaxing as you can cram in.

What TV and books might YOU like to watch read – I’m watching The Voice tomorrow I think and the final (?)of Dance Dance Dance.

Would love any comments or shares😊

Take Care 



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