Level 10 Life – what IS it?

Level ten life has become extremely popular on the internet/in groups/blogs, I keep seeing it pop up and have dabbled in it myself.

Some seems to wonder just WHAT Level Ten life is about and what do you actually DO? So here is a quick rundown for you on it as I see it anyway 🙂

The concept seems to have sprung into popularity from the big success of the book a while back called ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.

‘Miracle Morning’ is a book about a good way to organize the start of your day – better for early birds than night owls I have heard, but very popular and sort of spiritual I think, not religious. It is things such as getting up an hour earlier, writing, exercising sort of thing.

Level 10 life seems to be a lot of people favorite part and because of the internet I think lots tried it from hearing the idea rather than book reading, I heard about it online.

I love journaling so it appealed as a fun spread for a journal, see my journal celebrations Journal Love! and Journal Love – A Celebration

How I love journal time, and Level Ten Life was a spread I tried out in my L1917 – when that was my latest journal.

It seemed fascinating and interesting. A great way to measure your life, but like all these things you could measure them quite different according to mood and day of the week in my opinion!

I guess if you redid it often you would see trends emerge and it can help you to know what areas of your life you may like to change, and which to celebrate really, pointing out how lucky you are with some things, I guess none of us is going to have ten across the board, such is life, and ups and downs, but this is not there to feel miserable – it is a tool for growth and self-examination of what improvements you may like to make.

Ages ago I drew out a chart and was happy enough with what I saw, there was no real surprises as I think about this sort of thing quite a lot and am really into gratitude recording, I know my personal relationship section was going to score tops (as Man of Mine keeps me very happy ) and I knew if it came to some others sections they wouldn’t be ten out of ten, BUT I am happy with my lot. Doesn’t mean we can’t try to improve some things though and  I think the system can be personalized however you like, nothing is to stop you getting your journal and drawing a chart with your own section list of things and scoring how they feel to you. Rinse and repeat after a month or a few so to speak.!

It is generally, I think, set into a wheel shape so a compass could be handy if you like everything EVEN, and yet others set out there chart in bar graph form or whatever they like really, I think I have seen some very elaborate ones. (Very much works of art).

The ten sections  suggested around the internet when talking about level 10 are (I think)

Family and Friends

Personal Development







Physical Environment

Health and Fitness

As I said I’m sure many would tweak them to suit their own lifestyle/habit/routine and goals, they may want to do less tracking and note just a few things.

The idea I think is that if you see something you would like to change, you can note ideas for change next to it and make it more of a plan. It is a motivational tool really in my opinion.

What you do is fill in the chart up to the number 10 at whatever point you feel you are at, with ten being the most fulfilled in the area you are studying.  You can look back later and see if you made changes.

I have seen good demos of it on Boho Betty site, see HERE

Also in one of my WhimsyandCosy groups on Facebook  (search ‘WhimsyandCosy Craft club’ and ‘WhimsyandCosy Book Club’)  had this input that was helpful from a member called Lee Rendleman Cowan

Lee says ‘ the simple act of taking time to think about the various facets of your life is thought provoking exercise and then the process of thinking specifically what and why you want to improve on the various areas.  Funny looking back on this one from April…way too hard on myself and my review of the areas. So it also gives you insight on how you reflect/grade yourself through the course of time. Nice to take the time out of the day to day scurrying.’

Here are Lee’s page’s that she is happy for me share with you

Lee’s Level 10 life journal spread.

and Lee listed out more in depth

Lee’s Goals as part of her Level 10 life spread in her journal.

Have any of you tried this out? love to hear what you think about it, and have you read ‘Miracle Morning’? Do you think you may grab, paper and pen and give it a go?

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Take Care








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