Danish ‘Hygge’ – What is it and do you do it already?

Relaxing read next to my bed, finding out about the Danish way to live well with ‘The little book of Hygge’

I have just been introduced to the Danish word ‘Hygge recently, I am very excited as the essence of it is how I like to live my life anyway, and what this website is all about at heart, read on…

Well, only about a fortnight ago  on writing this I heard the word and decided to actually look up on the internet what it is all about, then I was keen to read more as it taps into one of my favorite things in the whole world, I do it already, NESTING!

See for example Life with Zozie January 2017 or ‘Zozie’ Blanket Crochet-a-Long Update

Love the COSY here as you know, I mean, take a look around, this whole site is based on the cosy, its being done not for money but for fun and a chance to spread some more happiness around the world, it’s something I can give right now, along with my WhimsyandCosy Facebook groups.

I love the idea that I can bring smiles and nods of heads to various people around the world, AND hopefully brighten it, that I can enrich your day in some way. That in turn enriches mine…

So, how does HYGGE (pronounced HOO-GA!) come into this, well, it has been a buzz word for apparently about a year in England, and I love when I discover something I already do, ahead of the game LOL.  For what it is , loosely translated is the art of cozy, the art of warmth, appreciating the little things as being the big things…

It’s that feeling of coziness as you snuggle up with your other half and watch a movie, it’s that celebration of a birthday and the effort you go too, it’s that time you meet up with someone you don’t see often and enjoy the company of.. BUT… do you need more than ‘just’ YOU to HYGEE?….

NO! – you don’t , although to the Danish Hygge is often about the small group, to have hygge time encompasses more than just that, it is a word that isn’t clearly defined and is more of a FEELING. the feeling you get when you feel at peace and safe… when you feel comfort, so it is time spent under a warm blanket, it is a mug of tea, it is a re-read of a loved book, it is admiring the trees and is NOT about possession but they can help hygge. Support it if you like, you can hygge alone when you read a book, when you relax with headphones on, when you enjoy a tv show or savour your meal, they create FEELINGS of comfort and safety, they are HYGGE moments.

So what have we learnt, hygge is about a feeling, a feeling of safety and coziness, it’s about the little things being the big ones and its warm times (warm in your heart!) with friends/family. It’s also your favorite chair times, your reading time, slowly cooking your meal, eating your meal in a relaxed manner and snuggling under your duvet. The THINGS are not the hygge, it’s what they help you to feel.

In fact the Danes are not much into THINGS, not VOLUME anyway, they spend a lot traditionally on lamps and other lighting and are into decor, but have a minimal style, their trend is not for big houses, more to clean, it’s not for arrogance, what it is … for comfort and calm, fun and laughter, its seems to be helped along by candles! (which I love the ones with batteries in – very hygge to me)

Two books I have read recently on it are ‘The little book of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking, it is an excellent book and I loved it, totally relaxing and with lovely pictures, I loved how it wasn’t very small either. I really recommend it. Fills you in beautifully on what hygge is. Lots of lovely pics (well there was one I didn’t like if I remember correctly, but only the one, most were lovely.)

Relaxing with a hot drink and read of ‘The little book of Hygge’.

Also I have and enjoy ‘The book of Hygge’ by Louisa Thompsen Brit, it is similar in size to the above, and similar in its kind of style, it has detail on what Hygge is and examples, this one has quotes a plenty and also lots of pictures, I love both books, and they are both charming little hardbacks.

Both of these books are a relaxing read and I will re-read them lots. Although I already by nature am the sort of person who lives the warmth and cosy, I LOVE to read about it and as such this new trend for hygge is right up my street.

Have you heard of Hygge, and are you trying to have more hygge moments?  we will talk again on this topic! its fun…

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9 thoughts on “Danish ‘Hygge’ – What is it and do you do it already?”

  1. I had never heard the word “hygge” before today…but I am embracing it although I have never heard the lifestyle referred to as that. Warm, cozy, kind, and abundantly blessed are not only some of my favorite words, but also my favorite things to give and to receive.


  2. I heard of this several months ago, just in time to hygge for winter! We’ve found it to be a great way to nestle in to the season. More emphasis on people and our surroundings is always a good thing!

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