Let’s get Spring Relaxation

Lets get Spring Relaxation

Wanted to share with you the chance to see some gorgeous sights I have recently enjoyed with ‘Man of Mine’.

Spring is finally here, although I am still regularly wrapped up in a big coat and cosy hat, I am feeling spring-like when I get the chance to take in sights like this of the glorious English countryside.

Hope you will enjoy seeing these pictures we took, they were not taken all on the same day or even week, but you will get to enjoy some of the gorgeous delights nature gives. Hope they bring a spring flourish into YOUR day too.

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‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ – A reading classic

‘The wonderful wizard of oz’  (oz series book 1)  I HAD to blog about this book, I read lots of books and this one struck a chord with me and I knew I wanted to share the love of it with you here at the blog. It’s a classic read and I was keen to see if it differed from the movie and what the experience of reading it would be.

I love the movie but  I’m not a super fan and haven’t seen it a million times, as such I don’t remember all the film detail, but what I can tell you is I was hoping to be swept away on a nostalgic tour of Oz and a chance to – via the (FREE) kindle read- rediscover old friends like the cowardly lion and the tin man. I was hoping for joy.

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The last ‘Lighthouse Library’ Mystery book – a great ‘cozy’

Well, the time came!- I have been hoarding the last lighthouse library mystery and wondered what secrets it held. 

Basically it wasn’t planned as a three book series – it was cancelled in a massive cozy cull (noooooooo!)Now having just discovered  it –  I wave it goodbye EXCEPT for the fact I can re- read if I want (yeay).

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Hygge Moments – Zozie’s February

What’s been hygge for me February- well, bring crazily in love with someone leads you towards special February moments a plenty. 

I have been spoilt with treats of craft bits such such as a cute flowers stamper set, a harry Potter sticker book and a Pixar (I love Disney movies) postcard set.  These were special romantic gestures and as such really thoughtful and giving me nice hygge moments crafting and creating (which is one of my best forms of relaxation ) 

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