Hygge Moments – Zozie’s February

What’s been hygge for me February- well, bring crazily in love with someone leads you towards special February moments a plenty. 

I have been spoilt with treats of craft bits such such as a cute flowers stamper set, a harry Potter sticker book and a Pixar (I love Disney movies) postcard set.  These were special romantic gestures and as such really thoughtful and giving me nice hygge moments crafting and creating (which is one of my best forms of relaxation ) 

As we have read- hygge is not about the thing or the money but about feelings 

I had plenty of gratitude feelings about my thoughtful gifts and they gave me the hygge feeling and using them is meditative to me…I move into a more relaxed zone generally when I do art things. So that feeling is very hygge.

Try Colouring Fun

or maybe TOYS- Be CATAPULTED  for more hygge fun.

but please READ ON for the latest in the Zozie household in the hygge department.


Reading this hygge book in February led to more enjoyable reading times over all.

One of Zozie’s own creative in the kitchen times- I love cooking.


I was also cooked for twice (I love cooking but to be cooked for is a big treat) and it was a very hygge cosy time. One was pizza and more and it was the best pizza! And the other was a roast dinner yum.

Also I got one of my favorite treats and that is a HAPPY MEAL  IN MCDONALD’S – I don’t often go but when I do I want the happy meal it is totally yummy- the relish with the burger…   The fries cooked to perfection and a TOY! – Total RESULT😊

It makes me HAPPY!  (so totally does it’s job)

I don’t think I will ever grow put of a happy meal – although I’m not sure I ever had one till I was grown up. Even man of mine will join me in a happy meal even if really he could eat 5!  (There’s always more food at home if he wants it) 

The toy always fascinates me- this time I was excited it is a Super Mario figure- bowser.

(FOR ME. . Bowser is behaving beautifully with a big club in his mouth batting away life’s not so good moments. He makes me smile sat on my art desk )

My art desk gives me loads of hygge moments – tidying arranging and using art things.

It’s not actually an art desk by origin- it’s my dressing table and while I wait to have a desk in the future I am now using my dressing table. I love it as it’s like having an art desk.

My new Pixar postcard set, so much fun to be had.

Also hygge in February has been watching 2 movies (watched more probably but what comes to mind is..)

‘All for love’ on Valentine’s day and ‘The Sorcerers Apprentice‘ – both were so good- so different,  one a romantic film and one all magic and mayhem. Nicolas Cage can be brilliant in those other worldly movies.  When he fell of a building in the movie I thought just like city of angels .. (great movie TILL THE END RUINED IT  . just saying!…. )

Anyway….what else   .

Oh yes man of mine and myself got to walk about in spring flowers come early  (will show you more  pictures in an article soon ) and a nice bit of hand holding and strolling in the fresh air was had

Look.. spring really IS coming to England.

Family celebrations too (which involved the hygge treat OF CAKE) were had.

I was asked to update on my sleep better campaign for myself! – well…I’m trying, I’m going to bed a bit earlier which is a start I’m waking up quite stressed which is not a hygge feeling BUT the duvet on the bed is fleece and is very hygge inducing!. (have you ever tried fleece bedding it IS amazing)

How about you?  Hope you had a very hygge February and if not then try look for those moments in march okay  – I last talked HYGGE HERE

I had hygge times reading this crafting magazine called ‘Quick Cards’.

Hope you share some hygge with me here at the blog. 

I will do a hygge March post  and hope you sign up to not miss out (sign up is often either to the right of the article or under the comments section…)

Take care all   




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