The last ‘Lighthouse Library’ Mystery book – a great ‘cozy’

Well, the time came!- I have been hoarding the last lighthouse library mystery and wondered what secrets it held. 

Basically it wasn’t planned as a three book series – it was cancelled in a massive cozy cull (noooooooo!)Now having just discovered  it –  I wave it goodbye EXCEPT for the fact I can re- read if I want (yeay).

The thing I was most concerned about was the love triangle – I mean, each book has its own mystery that gets solved so there is closure but what about the love triangle  …I don’t want it to feel unsatisfying like the suck ending to the Gilmore Girls. .. it just can’t happen!

– read the review of book 1 Today its all about the ZOZIE COZY!! or maybe enjoy more cozy chat HERE

Well, I read …  and it was as if Eva Gates KNEW – she chose book three to revel who would be the successful suitor – thank GOODNESS, I was fine with it and the other guy got a girl too so that’s brill. 
I really recommend the read –

reading a storm main
My cozy mystery shelf that houses ‘Reading up a storm’ by Eva Gates.

…it’s got a solved love triangle, (cool for a read )Don’t you just love when there is two men who want the woman!

…it’s set in a lighthouse with a LIBRARY  (Swoon),and isn’t that the most fab book setting ever (maybe)

…the protagonist LIVES in ‘said library’ FUN! ….isn’t that the dream of every reader, (although the reality may not be as much fun. Especially with the way you can’t fit your furniture in and the lighthouse light would flash so much in your room.)

…it’s well written and page turning … just what you want from a book!

…oh and it’s got a MYSTERY. 🙂 Which is kind of a cozy requirement HEHE.

Go read it – preferably from book 1 I guess..  I think you will think it a series worth reading if you like the cozies.

Cozies are great because they give the relaxation and mystery but for pretend, it’s scooby doo for adults!

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Take Care


reading storm pin
‘Reading up a Storm’ a great cozy mystery by Eva Gates.

10 thoughts on “The last ‘Lighthouse Library’ Mystery book – a great ‘cozy’”

  1. Oh!- that’s annoying Pam…maybe an ereader offer?- it is generally same price here but worth a look and I do find the prices go up and down. Hope you can get it.


  2. So there are only going to be three? No fourth book? How come? This is the only cozy mystery series I read!


  3. Ah Missy!
    Maybe my other reviews will show you some other great cozies you may enjoy – they ARE there!- hope I can help you find another series.
    I also was most disappointed to learn the series had been cut off too soon- the publishers ended lots of cozies suddenly I think and the author didn’t get a choice. It amazingly (unless the author knew) rounded off very well though.


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