Hygge times from March – enjoy the spring

Here is my Hygge times – well some of them – which happened as March unfolded, as we enter April it is spring showers and bursts of sun, make the most of appreciating every season and try to look for what you love about it.

During March one of my absolute favorite things has been my new MUG- an actual mug for my drinks themed to RED NOSE DAY.

Red nose day, for those who don’t know, is a charity fund-raising day which happens every two years in the UK, and it is supported by comedians hence the red nose.


My lovely new charity mug has this years red noses which were available to buy, on pictures all over it, and when i get my drinks in it, as I try to do as much as possible, then it makes me smile, and gives me an extra cozy hygge feel, especially at times like early in the morning if I can’t sleep. ‘Man of Mine’ treats it better than any other as he knows how much i love it! 🙂

My precious mug – in aid of comic relief – red nose day 2017


Next was the fact I treated myself to the Jane Austen Colouring book that i saw/researched on YOU TUBE, it was so impressive and looked fun. With the kind of pages that were thicker quality and with some pages scenes and others quotes.

More art blog bits HERE

As a Jane Austen fan I am loving this book a lot and it is small and wonderful, it is easier to complete a picture than some books too which I am after at the moment.

I really recommend it.

 wonderful – Jane Austen colouring

Books/ Decluttering

Also in March I decided to have a Marie kondo time, in my own way, of going through all my books pretty much, I moved almost every one and if I didn’t really really want it, it has joined my massive pile for the charity shop, it is taking a while to get it there and I have to resist the urge to sift through again! you know how it is for us book lovers. Now I have more the book collection that ‘sparks joy’, and ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ book was allowed to stay. It’s a great read and I love decluttering. My bookshelves are now more spacious and pretty with unicorns!

Plus, I tried grouping my ‘keeper’ books in colors for a change, it looks pretty on the shelves.

Book chat (plus many more!) HERE or maybe HERE

Do you know any of these? are they in your collection too?

Yellows! – love a rainbow shelf for my bookcase at the moment.


Movie favorites during march (at home watching tv) have been seeing the latest ‘Ghostbuster’ movie, brilliant, loved it and so funny/exciting. Really recommend that too.

Book wise I have been in a little slump but am now leaving it and reading ready for my april update! in which books will be included!


Seeing spring flowers has been a joy in March and fills me with relaxation and fun.

see here for more Let’s get Spring Relaxation or here Danish ‘Hygge’ – What is it and do you do it already? to find out more about HYGGE.


Hope you are having lots of hygge moments, feel free to let me know

Take Care

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