YA fiction has some of the most dramatic reads

I can really go through reading phases with genres, and moods for books can really change at times.

I found myself in a bit of a reading slump that even one of my Cookbook Nook reads waiting on my shelf couldn’t solve (great reads usually to me in the cozy mystery department)

I needed a book that would grip me, one of those ones you just can’t put down easily.  One where you just need to know what happens as soon as you can.

My YA genre of books has been narrowed down on my shelf to more of my favourites, It has in the past held some books that I know gripped me,my biggest complaint with the YA genre is the amount of cliff-hanger endings and series of books, the way some series start well and then just seem to go on forever – BUT NOT in a GOOD WAY!

I hear the ‘Fallen’ Books are now a movie, I would love to see it – I loved that series years ago – but never made it till the end before I lost interest, the best thing sometimes is to read as many as can while in the mood and if a series reached its conclusion more the better! (sometimes you wait SO long you just forget why you loved it)

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pink blossom main
Reading is a nice way to relax in Spring

Well, I spent the last few days reading some new (to me) YA fiction and it (mostly) did NOT disappoint!

I had three books to read and one was middle or end of series but 2 out of the three were BRILLIANT reads, really page turning and exciting. The one I felt I most wanted to read is to be a DNF (did not finish!) so it just shows you , that you can’t really tell.

Some of the covers are fantastic too, full of drama or interesting, that’s something I like over the kindle books.

After struggling to read a book of about 250 pages over a month – I read around 650 in about 2 days as the writing was just that good and … I guess I was in the mood for the genre.

I partly ‘blame’ Booktube’ – It is full of enthusiasm for YA genre reads and introduced me to more I am interested in reading….that though is a topic enough for one blog piece!

If you have any exciting read recommendations for me please comment and let me know.

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7 thoughts on “YA fiction has some of the most dramatic reads”

    1. Hi Stormi
      I will look that book up thank you – I just heard about it today so it’s funny you mention it!
      It can be such a good genre for those dramatic page turning reads that can have you going back to read at every chance. Appreciate you letting me know.


  1. I used to work in a book store and found myself drawn to the YA section and would often make recommendations based on the cover summaries. I found one (vampire) fantasy series that I truly loved, House of Night, and there was a lot of books in the series and sooo many cliffhangers, lots of drama–so so much. The first book was Marked and one of my favourite of the series, but there was more than one fabulous book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kim- it’s great you came on and chatted
      I – years ago- read most of that series and loved it but it did go downhill to me and I stopped reading – I still have 3 of the books on my shelf though. 😊
      Working in a bookstore must be the best to work in


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