Bookworm Problems #1 Bookshelf Organisation

Bookshelf Organization is one of the most fun TASKS that us book lovers can have, it is hard work and effort and yet is the best labour of love book related you can have.

Discuss with me!- 🙂

Every so often, sometimes years apart and sometimes weeks, I feel the need to reorganize my bookcases and have a bit of sort out often and see what to keep or not.

What i find is it can really liven up your enthusiasm and in a way you feel like you have  a new set of books as in new positions they all look refreshed and it reminds you what you have.

Did you catch reviews HERE or maybe HERE

I earlier this year decided I wanted to try the rainbow way of organizing, by colour of book, it looked pretty on the pictures I saw on social media and I was ready to not have authors and series together. The time before that the book cases were organized into genre.

It looked really pretty and i liked it, I found more of my books were blue shaded than I had imagined, also white and black were quite common colours to find. However I had a healthy dose of pink, red, a few purples and some greens. It was interesting to do.

Yellow shelf in rainbow organization of bookshelves

Do you, like me, find that it is such a physical challenge knowing how tall to stack up the books as you rearrange things, and also that the books love to fall over and you can be trying to stop that (sometimes successful and sometimes not!) and it can all get a bit chaotic!

Then of course there is the fact that the books heights can not fit on some shelves and do fit on others, hmmm.

Anyway, I loved the look of the rainbow thing but after a few weeks I just had that urge to put the authors together again , I didn’t really mind about genre this time, I just wanted to have my Sophie Kinsella’s with my other Sophie Kinsella’s, and my Alexander Mc Call Smith with my other Alexander McCall Smiths! etc…

I set this up about a week ago and I am loving it, again it feels refreshed and pretty, and when I had done the rainbow sort I had had a MASSIVE clear out and so my collection is finely honed again!

I sit and gaze at the three tall bookcases and see I have space (result!!) but still stacks of lovely books I enjoy reading.

So I have some books vertically stacked in author and most horizontal, I have a few shelf buddies (little trinkets and characters I like there) and I find it very nice to look and see the fun and comfort of little reading pleasure.

Books can look so fun nowadays too – not that they didn’t before but when i grew up books spines were nearly always white, (and white spines on books love to discolour the most I think) now the books often have such a variety of colour that shelves have a great variety of look.

It’s interesting to see what authors books I have tended to hold on to, who have you tended to collect up and keep?

How do you arrange your books? Do you rearrange often and is it a labour of love? Do you have the same – surely you do of books sliding around and flopping over sounding all loud (and annoying as you don’t want them to flop down or slip LOL)

I love how I notice authors again when I rearrange things and it does feel so new.  It reminds me what I still want or have not read too, although my collection of (physical ) books is now pretty much full of read books, have got quite a few to read still though. (Most of those are cozy mystery bargains I got)

Do you organize by genre or author or even things like height of the shelves and will you put paperbacks together with hardbacks by the same author or do you do those on separate shelves?

Some of my book collection

To sum up – my latest is authors together on the shelves , then i will tend to have hardbacks and paperbacks as tidy as i can within that but I think it all looks pretty.

It is so satisfying to sit and gaze at your newly arranged shelves, I find it quite meditative to gaze at them, I often get warm fuzzies from the affection I have when I look at my collection. I can be transported to when I read them.

How about you? – it’s really easy to comment here and I do hope you will come on and chat with me about your collection of books.

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12 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems #1 Bookshelf Organisation”

  1. Love the idea of the rainbow colour coded book shelves…! I am a huge book fan and through constant house moves over recent years, my books are higgledy piggeldy. One day, they will be just RIGHT, I will post a pic if that day ever comes 🙂


  2. I have to confess I don’t really arrange the books on my shelves. It’s more a case of cramming as many in as possible and making sure I can easily get to the ones I re-read often 😀


    1. I think that’s the case for many – I just enjoy it but it’s hard work as I have lots 🙂
      It always gets to a point where I’m looking for space too and that’s usually what position it’s in when I sort out and see if I want them all


  3. I’ve gone back and forth each time I move, and subsequently clean books out. When I moved cross country, I donated about 1000 books. Then I moved back and I have the space for more books again, but they are gone! Hopefully to someone who values them. Anyways…

    I always seem to come back to genre and author needing to be together, and then by height or series order, if that’s pertinent. But I’ve got a really cool bookshelf with sliding lattice doors. You can see in some shelves all the way, but only a few holes on others… so I can hide the book that don’t all fit together, if needed!

    Cool post. Love reading thoughts like these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi James
      Great to get your feedback and happy you enjoyed the piece – I think hopefully you will enjoy the masses of other bookworm problems I have in my plans to write:-)
      Really interesting all you said – with clearing out – if I had never passed a book on and those were all together that would be more books than is practical and I guess I was over those ones as I sorted. I gave given loads away to charity and love thinking of that.
      Also it means you have room for MORE books and maybe you are like me and only have the 4 or 5 star books (to me they are.)
      Your bookcase sounds really interesting – fun to choose what books get to show and as you said hide more of those odd shapes and very random books – much as we can ‘celebrate’ those!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I had 3 bookcases and sorted them according to author BUT 1 was for single-book authors and the other 2 were for those authors for whom I had 2 or more books. Made me better able to see who my favourite authors were and sometimes it was surprising, sometimes not (Clive Cussler for the win!. I mostly buy books on Kindle now and must admit it’s not quite as satisfying as having those books physically in front of you 🙂


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