A Court of Thorns and Roses

Wow, this series got of to a dramatic start, after hearing it could be a slow start I was surprised how captured I was by ‘ A court of Thorns and Roses’- a book I had no idea  it was a beauty and the beast inspired retelling but read it thinking… ‘this is really like beauty and the beast’.. HA, so Sarah J Mass did a great job then.

This book I can highly recommend if you want drama in your reads and like the mystical magical thing.  ‘A Court of thorns and roses’ is in a new genre called ‘New Adult’ but that is so rare I guess that it tends to get put into YA genre, it is great as an adult read and has a mature content warning.

I just heard so much in the book community about how good this read is,  I read reviews and about it , firstly thinking it wouldn’t be for me, but then I would hear more and go and look again at reviews / prices, anyway I decided to go for it, – with all the excitement about  book 3 in the trilogy which is released next week  – I succumbed to my intrigue!

I was not disappointed, this book 1 is fast paced and full of world building and strong characters, it reminded me of Harry Potter series in parts (especially the end but remember it’s NOT for younger readers) and I see now Twilight.

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It started with the Human girl Fayre and how she is in poverty and having to feed her family who are very much starving, its sad and dramatic.

Well, it takes a turn for Fayre one fateful day when Tamlin arrives to get payback for what she has done to his people, wow – it all KICKS OFF, but then, things are not as they seem , and the Fae lands are discovered in new book ways, it is all very interesting.

A gripping book – A Court of thrones and Roses

The whole thing is one big adventure, and the world building in the story is just superb. The magical creatures were fantastic to read and to say I read and read, well… I read and read.

At the end I felt it could have been a standalone as it did complete but with enough little bits to leave you interested for book 2, and since I looked up reviews on BookTube, (after) now I see more points of view and general feel the book community has, I won’t look up the others until I get to them and read but it seems there are a lot of fans who want the romance to go differently.

In fact I left this book feeling that the ‘ship’ was complete, for no minutes did I feel it was a love triangle or there were any questions there, (after the first few chapters anyway), but I can see because it’s a three book set, there is a lot of room for all to change and as with movies and tv shows – things wont be allowed to settle down to happily every after.

I am reading book 2 soon!

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Take Care


Known as ACOTAR – great book

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