Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Bookworm Problems #2

On the next in the whimsy Cosy bookworm series, today it is about judging a book by its cover… we are not supposed to… but how many of us do it anyway.

I am a big reader, I go through little phases of how much I read but I am a big reader, books are wonderful!

However, books have covers and we are certainly not supposed to judge by it, the cover does not indicate how well the book will be written or how exciting it will be, it does not tell us how page turning it will feel, and it does not let us know if it has the magic of good storytelling, or all the facts we ‘need’ on a topic.  It does not tell us if the book is factually correct … or if it will REALLY make us laugh.

….but STILL, and I always will, find that I do find I want to pick up this or that with a book depending on its cover, I CAN’T HELP IT. I can see a book cover that looks boring and feel ‘meh’ about reading the book.

Last bookworm problem we discussed arranging our bookshelves , see HERE and I discussed my latest newly discovered fab series to read , so dramatic, HERE

I’m not TOO silly about book cover art,  (but I am a bit) I have enjoyed some books with covers I think are … a bit rubbish, and I have been disappointed on books with cool covers

It really isn’t something that is a big help to us and sometimes it is wholly annoying when an author describes a character and then the cover art does not match that description.

Also covers can be deceptive, we can very much judge what tone the book has by its cover art, and it is not always accurate, and book covers go in trends too ( now a days some books love simple covers and in ‘women’s fiction’ its very usual to see cartoon depictions)

Book Cover’s – all a matter of opinion. This is from when I colour matched my shelves. Meet the shelves with yellow colours.

Some time travel may have a cover art that more represents a wind-swept romance, or a book about a thirty something Woman with children romance may have a cartoon of a harassed mother on the cover, the story may cover deep emotional issues sometimes and it is portrayed as a fluffy read. In fact this can be difficult and tricky when spending money on a book as you can feel in ‘need’ of a fluffy read only to find that the main character is in recovery from serious illness, and lots of heavy things are happening . Or that you want a sci- fi read and think you are getting a romance when it has a lot more to the story than a romance but the cover and the write up just don’t match..

Covers are important it seems, the tricky think is , and I see this on YouTube, different people have very different views of covers, I see people holding up a cover and saying they do not like it , it is too busy, too silly, to garish or whatever, and I am thinking, I LOVE that cover, and they show a picture of a plain cover with a logo style picture, and say they love it, and it’s beautiful, and I am thinking… but that is boring.

…and …don’t get me started LOL on when a publisher changes the book cover when you are collecting up a series and you would like them to MATCH. I am not too bad with this but it is annoying, and some people will re-purchase whole sets, I guess this suits publishers fine 🙂

Vampires and Werewolves can be found on this shelf among others.

The great thing about covers on kindle books is I have come to the conclusion they just don’t matter THAT much, Okay if you are looking at thumbnails in your online library you can fall under the cover influence… but generally I don’t think they matter MUCH, as you don’t get the same sense of picking a book up and down and it is more how your kindle ‘case’ looks .  Where as with a physical book I see the cover a lot and if I love the cover I will cover gaze (as far as I know my own term!) at it lots, and look for details.

Some books on kindle have covers that make you think they are less professional and that can be off-putting, and some are very good, but once books are loaded into your library, it is all about the CONTENTS, and isn’t that just as it should be.

I would LOVE to know your own views, do you buy depending on cover, do you re-buy FOR a cover, and do you get a bit annoyed if a book series changes it’s cover before you have collected them up or even before they have all been published.

…How much do you care about the cover, or is it just me?

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More bookworm problems soon.







11 thoughts on “Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Bookworm Problems #2”

    1. Hi Stormi
      I think we must all do it a bit – but do we let the book write up win or not. Then again in a shop we would probably not pick up the unappealing cover- unless it was by an author /series we like.


  1. As a book cover artist, book covers are miniature works of art. I actually collect paper books for the book cover art. Exceptional execution, relation to the actual story, colors, etc. really go into creating a book cover. It isn’t…and shouldn’t be…about just slapping some loose images together and calling it a book cover. So for me, I am totally partial to great book cover art. Book cover art matters. It should not only be art, but also help sell that book for the author. I’ve done book covers for such cozy authors as Nancy J. Cohen, Maggie Toussaint, Nancy Skopin, and several other new upcoming indie cozy authors! Cozy mystery covers are my very favorite to create.


    1. Hello Patty
      What an interesting job you have.
      You will love how a blog piece soon i am doing is on cozy covers then!- as they are some of my favourite ones. They are very much as you say works of art.
      I think book covers really do influence sales.
      Soon reading a book with a cartoon field on cover but the story deserves a photo I think of beautiful country scene as the cartoon is basic and I think a photo would suit this one better – but that’s not what it got.


  2. I recently bought a newer edition of East of Eden for a buddyread. I have had the other edition for years, but it was just blah. Having my new bright orange Penguin edition has made all the difference!


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