How do YOU decide… what to read next? Bookworm Problems #3

It’s a good problem to have… the problem of what to read next, so many books out there, and with the arrival of kindle years ago it seems you can buy books for a lot less than a magazine pretty often.

I have read nearly all of the books on my bookcases, some have come and gone that i never read but that is pretty rare for me if I have wanted them and chosen them, I am usually enthusiastic about books so much so that I want to read them soon as I get them.

I now have a bit of a pile to read, and they all make me feel  so enthusiastic to read but how can I know what to choose.

Some latest reads chat A Court of Thorns and Roses or maybe…YA fiction has some of the most dramatic reads

A court of thorns and roses, – a beauty and the beast retelling.

Of course it depends on mood, I go through phases of what I fancy reading but I fancy more than one genre at a time but my favourite is not to read MORE than one at once. Why does it seem easy to watch multiple tv shows (not that I watch that many I like movies best) but not books? why do you think that is?…

Books Main FB

I have various books on my TBR waiting, from vampires and ware – wolves, to cozy mysteries set in house renovations, meanwhile if we bring kindle into it I have hundreds of reads waiting I think, of so many tales that sound potentially very exciting reads, how do I know when I look through my kindle library just which I will love.

I get a lot of freebie kindle reads – thank you amazon, and some are great, because of this my ease of stepping away if I am not enjoying a book is better, it is always harder when you have paid for a book isn’t it.  I can’t read as fast as I find the free reads that look good so always something to read, I do get confused sometimes what I have read though and wish kindle would let us tag it as read, like they do with audible. (which they own).

I kind of want to start all my books! but that is not really the way through the what to read next maze, I am going to try something on my club (facebook search Whimsyandcosy and books to request a join) where by I am going to play a game where I say a book title to start it off and then someone can say a related book underneath in the thread and why its related , and so on and see how long i goes, I hope someone plays, you never really know with facebook feeds!

Sometimes when you finish a book you want another just like it and keep that thing going, although a great book can be a hard match to follow, I have read some amazing books over the past month though, starting with ‘Passenger’ by Alexandra Bracken, (time travel adventure) then reads by  Joss Sterling, then Sarah J Mass… (who has me enthralled with the twists and turns in the ‘Court of thorns and Roses’ series. )

Various reads in my library, including ‘A court of Thorns and Roses’ and ‘Caraval’

So what to read next?…I have cozy mysteries calling my name so to speak, and books about people turning their life around in pretty surrounds, I have a retelling of Cinderella where Cinderella is a cyborg mechanic (i am not joking, it is called Cinders!).. I have The Mortal Instruments series to start, and thanks to James J Cudney IV’s book review on Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’ I now want to pull that from my shelf as well.

I guess, when I finish ‘ A court of wings and ruin ‘ (which is a book you have to ‘get over’ i hear!.. great 😦    ….)  then I shall see what way the reading vibe take me.

How about you? how do YOU decide,do you have a strict plan and order, or do you see what you feel like soon as one book finishes, what is YOUR way? love to hear in the comments.

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Bye for now


It is going to be hard to top ‘A court of thorns  and roses’ in my 2017 reads.



4 thoughts on “How do YOU decide… what to read next? Bookworm Problems #3”

  1. Thanks to free Kindle books I have over 7000 titles? Love it 🙂 I mainly like adventure/thriller and most of my fave authors tend to write series eg Clive Cussler’s NUMA projects and Dirk Pitt novels, and Sigma Force series by James Rollins so those are usually at the top om TBR list.


    1. Are they thrillers?
      I had so many free kindle books and got overwhelmed – after trimming a LOT I felt much better about it. So glad your pleased with your collection.


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