Late night Reading – Bookworm Problems June

Well, are you like me, love your reading, always looking for chances to read, but due to things to do functional and fun, you find that your best reading time is before sleep, so in you climb, covers up, lamp on, open book… is it REALLY the best time for that murder mystery?

I love reading before bed, generally it is a nice wind down for me, (although i must admit it does depend on if I am watching something till late, maybe love island or a you tube on  some craft or another)… but generally I love a read just before sleep, I usually think’ just a few pages’ and then if the books good it’s often 30 or 45 minutes later when I finally turn out my bedside light with a surprised look at the time!

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The books I enjoy vary, but I must admit I find it hard to find a lighthearted book to enjoy or even … just a lighthearted book, I guess it is like TV shows, they must have lots of drama to keep you turning pages so there is a slight lack of what you would really call a relaxing read, I think the relaxing bit is in the fact I read mostly fiction and so can relax knowing all is … fiction in it.

Some reads that are generally relaxing, when i had yellow theme shelf for my books

I do sometimes like to read a children’s book of short stories though at the moment, they  have their drama but generally in a very straightforward and easily fixed way.  I also have reading on lagom to read, have you heard of that? – its like hygee but about balance and that topic is relaxing to read about.

So my favourite genre so far this year of cozy mysteries, has left me reading murder mystery late at night, luckily in cozy mystery land there is something about the read which really doesn’t tend to get you anxious or leave you awake if it is sleep time, maybe it is all the cozy talk and romance bits.  However I have read pretty much most genres at night and if a book is page turning I am just very very keen to get reading. I don’t really care what time it is then, I just need to find out what happens.

How is it for you readers out there? or if you are reading to children do you have the before bed books and the daytime reads?

Love to chat, so drop me a comment,

Take care,


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One of my favourite reads of 2017 so far, Sarah J Mass books.



6 thoughts on “Late night Reading – Bookworm Problems June”

  1. I have a similar problem, Zoe, that I get started on a book at night and then I keep reading because it is a real page turner.
    I have most of my books on digital devices nowadays and that means I can read with the lights out and will usually drop the device as I drop off to sleep… hence the protection on my device is pretty intense.
    And, like nualcharlie says, I keep many different types of reading/books to suit my mood and how much time I want to spend reading before bed.
    I have not heard of Iagom but would like to know more about it.
    Thanks for the intriguing thoughts, Zoe.


  2. It’s a reader problem!
    I know I’m tired if I have to keep re- reading the same bit!
    Yes I find it harder to hold the book or kindle the more tired I am too and it sounds like you have a variety to pick from that are on the go books.


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