Lagom, what is it? -If you love Hygee…

Lagom- have you even heard of it?

It is likely to be familiar with you if you live in Scandinavia especially Sweden, Norway shone for Hygee, now it is the turn of Sweden to shine for Lagom!

I had not heard of Lagom until sort of recently – it came across my path due to my interest in hygee, – the art of cozy in a way… what i Love about hygee is it connected to me in the that I felt it was how i am really, enjoying the cozy moments of life a great deal, everyone has their own hygge and when i heard Lagom was in a way connected of course i was interested!

I read a very good book on it… and knew that it struck a chord with me in a similar way – and what I like about Lagom – is the whole idea of it is…‘ balance’… and isn’t that just the magical word that we all strive to achieve.

Some previous chats on hygee Hygge times  and Hygge Moments

Lagom is about finding comfort in your everyday life it is about that feeling of peace you get when you feel something gives to you in just that right amount, it is not running yourself ragged to minimize things in your home and throw all away, it is not about cramming every thing you have into something so much so it drains you and does not energize you as it should.

Sunflowers can bring a feeling of hygee and Lagom

Lagom is not too much and not too littlefinding what makes your heart sing and the sweet spot for it.

Is this too much of a beautiful thing of flowers – think i will cope!

As you regular blog readers may know I have whimsyandcosy Facebook groups, one book and cook! one Art and Craft and now the group stable has 2 new horses so to speak, so new they are less that 24 hours old at time of writing, as such they are lower in number as i type.

I do all this for fun, to bring more happy Facebook feed to people and a chance to join in with more positive happy pursuits.

As such my 2 newest groups are  (search in fb) ‘Zoe’s WhimsyandCosy Lagom Living’ and ‘Zoe’s WhimsyandCosy Harry Potter Place’

Group link to Lagom club Lagom club

 Group link to Harry Potter club – harry Potter club

Come join me

Remember you can sign up by email to the blog if you want them delivered to you (sign up is usually to the right of screen or under any comments)

Happy July





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