Lagom – Declutter Eight Top Tips challenge, for WhimsyandCosy Group.

Hello, I recently started a group focused on Lagom (balance is the best word to give its ‘vibe’). It’s perfect for all those who love Hygee or those who are simply looking to make life more simple and appreciate the little things as being the big things mentality . 

Lagom Group HERE

I’m all on board with this as I love these things, and simplicity and home comforts are one of my favourite things,  although not a minimalist at all I am very good at clearing clutter generally and I love to organise things and make the most of them where I can.

I loved the book by Marie Kondo.. ‘ Life changing magic of tidying up’ (always makes ‘man of mine’ laugh when I say that title to him!) and I had wondered if it was wasted on me as I love sorting out things around the home, but I enjoyed the read and got some tips to try.  There is ALWAYS room to improve

clothes main
my wardrobe is very full

The hardest part of organising is the fact when other family members are involved you can’t organise all of THEIR things … so you can offer tips and help but that’s a tricky one to get around.

However I thought I would share a little group challenge for those in the Facebook group and of course on here feel free to join or join in!  (see link higher up in article).

See more Hygee chat Danish ‘Hygge’ or Lagom chat Here

AUGUSTS TOPIC is CLOTHING. A great one for most of us as it is easy to have more than we want or need or wear….

Here are my TOP TIPS for you on a clothing sort out…

1 Be POSITIVE about it, make a warm drink and have a snack, and anticipate the fun side of sorting out. Don’t do it late at night.

2 Maybe the best way is clear a space on top of your duvet and do one of two things, EITHER… place a big pile of ALL of your clothes (except those in the wash plus they are likely to be keepers) on the bed, OR, get out each item at a time and make a decision!

3 Have 3 piles… YES, NO, or Maybe, do not get carried away in the maybe pile!

4 Take each clothing item and think how much do you love it, how much do you wear it, and its condition, Marie Kondo would say does it Spark JOY?

5 If you don’t love it, think do you wear it and why? and if you love it and don’t wear it think is it likely to get worn anytime in the not too distant, …

6 If it doesn’t fit then get rid of it! It is really not worth keeping and taking up valuable room and /or being annoying!

* only time I say hang on to items in this category is if it is very sentimental*

7 With the maybe pile hold things against other similar things and think what you do and don’t like about it, if you don’t pick it to wear think why that is?  If you know you want to wear it but it doesn’t suit you then pass it on! (you still won’t pick it and if you do you wont look so good in it!) The maybe pile is almost always full of DON’T keep! (you are just finding those things harder so unless you really LOVE something in it, move it on!)

8 Give the clothing you get rid of to charity if it’s in good condition as it helps someone else and its is recycling. 🙂 It feels good to do so.

I hope you enjoy this challenge, and I hope you get some satisfaction of having a more organised clothes collection and can see easily what you could do with, for if you are next clothes shopping, its easy to always buy the same colour or type of item. You will shop wiser hopefully.

Would love to hear any of your tips for decluttering clothing and if you do it often? it is good I find to do it evey few months or maybe once a year, my clothes have been a bit tight for space and this means they get bunched up regularly to fit in and I sometimes choose things that are simply easier to get to or I can see, I love how Marie Kondo wants you to organise everything on its side and make it easy to see but it really does depend on space, and what style cupboard or wardrobe you have.

At least if you get rid of clutter you have more space however much you did or didn’t start out with.

Please leave a comment/ and share this if possible, and feel free to join us at the club on facebook.  Post pictures if you like! Ta- Da times are fun! We can share in YOUR triumph!

Email sign up is easy and usually to the right of your screen or under any comments. You get a free PDF of various exclusive blog type posts too. Remember link to the group is above.

Take Care , Happy decluttering


clothes pin
How do YOU organise your wardrobe?






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