Words in Deep Blue – moving reading

I have just finished reading an amazing book called, ‘Words in deep Blue’ by Cath Crowley, – who I have not read before, the book publishes generally in early April I think and I SO recommend it.  Touching and moving reading.

It’s written under the YA Contemporary genre, however if YA reading isn’t your thing,  I suggest politely you think again,  this book is (and this is why no genre is ruled out to me,) simply a great read.

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Harry Potter Studio Tour Tips 2018

After a little wait here I am getting my thoughts on to paper (so to speak) on the fun of the Warner bros studio tour I went to last September (2017) – it’s probably impossible to find words good enough for just HOW great it was to visit as such a big harry potter fan, but it is amazing and I will tell you lots about it!

When we went, the studio had an extra exhibition of the wizarding wardrobes – it often has an added theme so its well worth looking out for them in case something especially suits you. The wizarding wardrobe meant that the place had extra costumes used in the movies in and I found it fascinating!!

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