Harry Potter Studio Tour Tips 2018

After a little wait here I am getting my thoughts on to paper (so to speak) on the fun of the Warner bros studio tour I went to last September (2017) – it’s probably impossible to find words good enough for just HOW great it was to visit as such a big harry potter fan, but it is amazing and I will tell you lots about it!

When we went, the studio had an extra exhibition of the wizarding wardrobes – it often has an added theme so its well worth looking out for them in case something especially suits you. The wizarding wardrobe meant that the place had extra costumes used in the movies in and I found it fascinating!!

Firstly though I will tell you how you go in and the tour starts with a little fun chat in a darkened room and then a cinema room, all hypes you up quite nicely … then I won’t go into TOO much detail but lets say you get wowed into the first real movie section … which is the great hall, the woman leading the tour talked about the displays in the hall of actors clothes/actor models (with no faces) and sections themed to the houses but to be honest I barely heard a word as everyone – including me, tended to be wandering about in a state of harry potter excitement taking photos left right and center … ‘man of mine’ even got a pic of me where the hall was practically empty we hung around so long lol, ๐Ÿ™‚

( I have already written a little about this visit to WB studio HERE

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castle smaller
amazing model of hogwarts, its so big.

TIP: The great hall is the only part you can’t go back to so its good to make the most of it.

I would say though that with all the masses of other sections the tour does flow and although you can go back to those, you would tend not too – especially when there is so very much to see and you may have limited time that’s practical to stay.

Tip : give yourself as long as possible there.

After the hall was scenes from the YULE BALL – oh it was pretty with its costumes and food displays, and alongside that was many extra clothes and wigs because of the wizarding wardrobe event.

I was really fascinated with the wigs, as when i watch the movies I tend to think everyone’s hair is generally ‘as is’ – but NO… there was a wig for bellatrix – it was amazing to stand there practically next to the hair and think, wow- that’s THE movie hair but I did, and I was surprised to see molly weasley’s hair and the weasley twins hair!…it was so funny and enthralling as these things in front of me had sat on the heads of favorite movie stars in their movie moments… hair from Lucius Malfoy – one of my favorite baddies and hair of Luna Lovegood… it was amazing!

No hair of voldemort HAHA.

A ‘sirius’ day of enjoyment as harry potter studio tour

When I could drag myself away (it’s not like I was supposed to have ‘moved in’ there) to the next bit was the iconic hogwarts stairway and the leaky caldron, then the gryffindor boys dorm room – couldn’t believe how small those beds were – in fact afterwards I heard the boys had to curl up in them due to their size as they grew up.

Then the gryffindor common room – so cool, full of old things and tables set up with wizarding props and walls full of scrolls… it was full of atmosphere and you could hover around staring at it as long as you like, and take selfies etc! (all the people props had no heads though so rather disconcerting!)

There was so many highlight, one of the best was seeing the Potions classroom , as you saw the pots stirring the spoons by themselves! – and it has a lot of potion bottles… a LOT!

The Weasleys kitchen was fab, with a little iron that ironed along by itself and food that… you guessed it, chopped itself, all very handy and rather fun to watch, best of all was Mrs Weasleys Knitting machine! so cool – knitted- all by ITSELF ๐Ÿ™‚

You could see parts of the Ministry Of Magic (vast and TALL) bigggg fireplace, and you could see the SCARY scene of torture from the Malfoy Mansion… didn’t much like seeing that bit although it is so clever how it is all done.

Inside the Forbidden Forest was amazing!!, you cant believe how you suddenly felt in a very different bit, it was like a whole new atmosphere and was playing different music i guess and was dark, oh and there was GIGANTIC spiders! Wasn’t sure what id think of that but i did okay LOL. They come up and down and it is like thunder and the lights flash i think, spiders come above your head but they don’t touch and I didn’t look ๐Ÿ™‚

Best in the forest was I got to MEET BUCKBEAK, that was a highlight of my life!, i waited till he got into a bowing mood and then even though I felt a bit shy I bowed to him as well and for a Potter Fan this is the ultimate! ๐Ÿ™‚

Seeing the Hogwarts Express was amazing too, you could go down the carriage and the train steamed, and you could take pics with the platform sign and all in all it was one of the best bits, That and buckbeak was maybe THE best bits…

Hogwats train main
all aboard the hogwarts express

Outside was another wonderful experience as who is parked there but the Knightbus, love it so much and could have your pic taken on it! AWESOME…..

Next was going through the Dursleys house, so cool and a LOT of letters hanging about ๐Ÿ™‚

More behind the scenes props, Butterbear icecream (ULTIMATE TREAT SNACK) and movie info, and i even got to dance with dobby on a screen lol, I made his arms move!

Plus saw a LOT of wand boxes…

Diagon Alley was AMAZING, as you were literally walking up it, all the shops looked old and interesting and wow is there a few photo ops on this tour! Personal fave shops were of course Ollivanders (waved my Cedric wand box about there as had already been treated myself in the F Forest shop), and Flourish and Blotts as its a BOOKSHOP :-).. oh and the Owl Emporium… love them all. Of course a big event is to see Fred and Georges shop, Weezleys Wizard Wheezes!!, all orange and so tall and funny.

My favourite (for humour – rather than talent) Professor Lockhart, featured at Flourish and Blotts Bookstore window in Diagon Alley.

At the end of the tour was the gigantic model of HOGWARTS, its beautiful and looks different in different light, its bigger than it looks on pictures online. Really special.

Next the giftshop, or … the MAIN giftshop, busy, overwhelming, and cool fun! – however good to have an idea what you want as you are likely to be tired and dazzled! Although it is not cheap there IS a variety of prices and something for pretty much most pockets. Postcards from a pound for instance. I came away with a few treasures…

Value for money as a day out 10/10, enjoyment factor 10/10

My top tips would be to get a tour earlier in the day so its easier to spend more time, we spent 6 hours there, there is no rush and all at your own pace, except the starting part which includes the great hall, it is probably best for children who are old enough to appreciate harry potter as could be tiring and you can’t climb on things in most cases! – however children old enough and adults will LOVE it if they are keen to go. Treat yourself if you can in the gift shop, but don’t go crazzzzy!

Hope you enjoyed this, it is nice to have an online place to tell you of my adventures big or small, and give you lots of reading ideas as well ๐Ÿ™‚ such as The Cruel Prince or Late night Reading

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Making of

Best day out ever, Warner bros studio tour ‘ The making of Harry Potter’


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