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Level 10 Life – what IS it?

Level ten life has become extremely popular on the internet/in groups/blogs, I keep seeing it pop up and have dabbled in it myself.

Some seems to wonder just WHAT Level Ten life is about and what do you actually DO? So here is a quick rundown for you on it as I see it anyway ūüôā

The concept seems to have sprung into popularity from the big success of the book a while back called ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.

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Journal Love – A Celebration

Lets celebrate the journal…. Why do we love our Journals?¬† I’m going to tell you several reasons why¬† (and I think there are a LOT of them….)

Journals are massive right now, you see notebooks of all sizes, thickness, paper quality, different designs. 

I have spoken to others to ask if they will also share with you what THEY love about THEIR journals, and they DID… it’s all HERE FOR YOU as you read, so many varied reasons… so fascinating, and I appreciate all the contributions to the article in the quote section.¬† ENJOY THE INSPIRATION….

Some of my collection of journals


So many types of journal of course,¬† there is the blank, the lined the dotted, the grid,…¬†

Would you like hardback or soft back, does it need to be portable, how big a bag are you prepared to carry? 

Then of course do you need to transport pens, washi tape, (unheard of by many this time last year) …sticky notes, fine liners, how do you like YOURS?

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2016 For me…the YEAR OF CREATIVITY! !

Part two¬†HERE…don’t miss out!

Okay it’s not over yet! But who knows what I will create from one moment to the next (you also. .)

…I’m impulsive ¬†in these things. the same time I have determination and if I have passion for something I never give up. I’m not fickle.

I have my hands full enough…apart from my home commitments , I now have 2 Facebook groups and this new blog! -it keeps me busy! …but I love it.

It’s all a labor of love…what you will see in the tagline to this blog is woman’s mission to make the world a more positive place. .. I really believe in it…it’s one of my biggest aims when I wake up till I go to sleep.

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Journal Love!

I love my journal…or should I say journals with an S! I have so many on the go, how did this happen, my latest journal revival was because I saw ideas of BULLET JOURNALING in Spring and got all excited, not initially… but after I saw all the ways that people were using ART in them.

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A beginning

Hi, I’m Zozie and I’m new to blogging!¬† not reading them you understand, but writing them, am I new to writing?…no! ever since I COULD ¬†write I have loved to write, mostly in Journals.

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