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Johanna Basford Inky Colouring plus Doodles

I love to encourage creativity, ask any of the members in my Craft Club, or my Book Club for that matter as I couldn’t help encouraging the creative in people … and so I formed the craft club I now have, you are ALL welcome to join in. We show each other lovely inspiring items of craft, and it includes COLOURING. Read WhimsyandCosy Craft Club

Join Here, love to see you there as well. We chat all sorts of crafts and art things.

I LOVE to colour, I have a stack of books and find it is one of my favorite ways to RELAX, when I want something that is completely ‘non screen‘ it really fits the bill.

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UNWIND Nature’s How To

Unwind, De-stress, Relax, Chill, Breathe’s what we ALL NEED.

How do YOU achieve this? One of my most trusted ways, PROVEN to me time and time over… is NATURE.



If I can get myself in nature, even just for a little while, I feel happier and clearer, stress just MELTS AWAY. I so recommend it to each of you.

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Beauty of English Autumn


Wow! Tucked into a flower bed catching my attention in the breeze.

…its all I can say to the BEAUTY of the season lately, I am a real one for NATURE, I love beautiful things… they make me skip and dance and smile and gaze…  

The surrounds I see as I meander my way through life are so amazing to me, it doesn’t matter how often I see the same place, it changes,  grows and holds new delights EVERY SINGLE TIME… (like the people I love!)

I love to photograph and I have so many pictures lined up for you to see they will carry me through the season well, I am unstoppable with a camera! I have no need to put it away as I go on a walk as I will only wear the zip out on my handbag.. open shut open shut 🙂

I love the subtle movements of water

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