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Visit to the Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

Yesterday I had one of the BEST DAYS of my life, you may not know but I am a fan of Harry Potter, have been for many years and I love the fandom of it, I love the books, the  movies, the merch, the whole thing! It is a wonderful series of brilliantly written tales. 

I have so much to say about Harry Potter I could hardly know where to begin but I thought I would tell you a little over various blog posts of an amazing day out I had yesterday!

Yesterday ‘Man of Mine’ drove us to the ‘Warner Bros Studio Tour, the making of Harry Potter’

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Lagom – Declutter Eight Top Tips challenge, for WhimsyandCosy Group.

Hello, I recently started a group focused on Lagom (balance is the best word to give its ‘vibe’). It’s perfect for all those who love Hygee or those who are simply looking to make life more simple and appreciate the little things as being the big things mentality . 

Lagom Group HERE

I’m all on board with this as I love these things, and simplicity and home comforts are one of my favourite things,  although not a minimalist at all I am very good at clearing clutter generally and I love to organise things and make the most of them where I can.

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Zozie’s Turmeric and Cheese Loaf

I have been busy baking with the help of my trusty Kitchen Aid and a bit of CREATIVE INSPIRATION, to make a lovely  (I hope, it’s in progress as I type,… raising on the kitchen table in the sun shine)…  Turmeric and Cheese Loaf

I put my creative hat on metaphorically speaking and thought about WHAT would add a small delicate kick to what is a VERY LARGE batch of dough that I have created this morning in the kitchen, while overlooking my frosty garden on this cool day outside.

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Festive Trees at Lacock Abbey


Since starting in September 2016, I am more than happy how WhimsyandCosy has taken off.

New people can arrive all the time, in case you missed any posts the categories and archives are available, did you for instance enjoy the Wander through this English Village or Festive time Here

Talking of enjoying, hoping you may make my Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup

Or… my yummy Pie

Also, as you know I love my reading too, What have you been reading? December reading was enjoyable for me, especially the book Mistletoe on 34th Street

TODAY’S brand new visit though, is of the festive tree display held at Lacock Abbey around December time….

Lacock Abbey Gates


I love trees, and the tree display inside the grounds of Lacock Abbey, in December, are something I look forward to seeing if I am lucky enough to get the chance.

The many trees – placed inside the famous Lacock Abbey Cloisters  – (made famous in part – in recent years- by the filming of ‘Harry Potter’) are designed by different  schools/groups/clubs/organizations/charities for the event.

It’s beautiful and calming, fun to walk around, and a joy to see.  I want to share my wonderful time with you all out there as well.

Lets go!

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Zozie’s Lemon Loaf Recipe

Lemon Bread… Hmm… I may have created a whole new ‘thing’ here with this recipe. Having been inspired by the fact in the Zozie household we are cutting back a GREAT DEAL on sugar, I set out to create a sort of cake/bread that relied upon the tart tasty lemon to bring a sweet zing to our taste buds. I want to share with you the recipe what was created.

We already didn’t eat that much sugar but with a bit of a requirement to cut back on sugar, it leads to more and more creativity in the kitchen at Zozie’s, and luckily I do love creativity. as many of you regularly reading may know, (seeing as my book and  journal club link HERE and  article about it Here – used to have a cooking thread, an art thread, a making something thread – the only reason it doesn’t now is I created a craft/art club as well – join Here and read about it Here   Plus see some results Here!

Anyway, back to the task in hand, we have established I love creativity, and so I set to work making a lemon treat to be a HEALTHY snack.

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Whitehall Garden Centre at Christmas

You don’t usually associate garden centres with being a destination aim at Christmas, but if you take the time to visit this particular one – Whitehall Garden Centre,  you will find you want to go back year after year.

To say Whitehall ‘go in’ for Christmas is a bit of an understatement, it really is so much more than the image of a garden centre at this time of year.

Anyone for choosing what is surely thousands of tree decorations?  want to choose Christmas lights to string along your house?  fancy seeing a Reindeer? … YES… you heard me right, a Reindeer… Fun for every age here.

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Gifts full of Whimsy or Cosy

Well, with a title for the site such as WhimsyandCosy , I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share with you some ideas, to help if you have the holiday shopping to do. 

Some people are harder than others to buy for and some gifts are suitable for so many people,  some gifts for just one or two people you know,  or even just the one!

Either way I have traveled around my home looking about over the past month, getting ideas to demonstrate to you that buying gifts is driven more by feelings and knowledge of likes, more driven than things that aid a comfortable life, or that make people laugh.. than anything.

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