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Lagom – Declutter Eight Top Tips challenge, for WhimsyandCosy Group.

Hello, I recently started a group focused on Lagom (balance is the best word to give its ‘vibe’). It’s perfect for all those who love Hygee or those who are simply looking to make life more simple and appreciate the little things as being the big things mentality . 

Lagom Group HERE

I’m all on board with this as I love these things, and simplicity and home comforts are one of my favourite things,  although not a minimalist at all I am very good at clearing clutter generally and I love to organise things and make the most of them where I can.

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Maybelline Nude Palette

Most of you wanted a review on this little beauty of an addition to your Make-up bag, it really is good value and good result. Here’s my take on the Maybelline Nude Palette.

I am very impressed, firstly you get a lot of bang for your buck on this eye shadow palette, it contains twelve (count that TWELVE) shades of NUDE.  All different and ALL useful.

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October Beauty Chat -what shall we dive into FIRST?

BEAUTY. ..Don’t you just love it! 

Shh…Wanted to tell you about some of my latest beauty items . ..I want to go more detailed on several but would love your help deciding where to jump in! It’s gonna be a blast!


Here’s the link to my autumn beauty post in case you want to catch up! 

Autumn Beauty!

Well ..I love beauty and maybe can help you decide what treat get next or who to buy what for with the holidays approaching fast.

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Autumn Beauty

I love Autumn, I just can’t resist loving it! ….the colours …the tastes…the feel…it has most things going for it.

It feels like renewal to me! and that often gives me a extra zest in my beauty routine, this could mean to you an overhaul or a different routine, for me it means.. relish it more!

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