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Hygge times from March – enjoy the spring

Here is my Hygge times – well some of them – which happened as March unfolded, as we enter April it is spring showers and bursts of sun, make the most of appreciating every season and try to look for what you love about it.

During March one of my absolute favorite things has been my new MUG- an actual mug for my drinks themed to RED NOSE DAY.

Red nose day, for those who don’t know, is a charity fund-raising day which happens every two years in the UK, and it is supported by comedians hence the red nose.

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‘Zozie’ Blanket Crochet-a-Long Update

I am so enjoying the rows of yarn pleasure as I do my own blanket in crochet for the blog crochet-a-long.

I want to thank all of you who signed up and let you know that I am busy myself making the Zozie blanket too. It’s FUN, fun fun.

I thought seeing as so many of you are into crochet I will make sure I do plenty of posts to update you – you need to email subscribe to get the full picture – see It’s the WhimsyandCosy Crochet a long 2017 and Crochet-A-Long 2017 announcement 

The idea is a self-care blanket and it really could change your life if you let it – but I can’t tell you HOW as that’s for the special PDF (see HERE) to give you the treat of. ..along with other exclusive articles by me.  Hope you enjoy it – I worked hard on it for you 🙂 Sign up today and join in the ZOZIE fun 🙂

How is my blanket coming along you may ask? read on for pictures/info/ on my and others ‘Zozie’s’

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Author Interview – Amanda James

The treat for you today of an author interview.

As you know I love reading…  I had so enjoyed reading ‘A Stitch in Time’  that I  wanted to share the interview I did with Amanda James the author, a while back.

‘A Stitch in Time’ was a FASCINATING read…GREAT for those that like adventure in their reading… with some time travel reading excitement thrown in. 

WHATS NOT TO LOVE reading a good book… To hear more about the writing of the book from the author’s experience, do read on…

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Festive Trees at Lacock Abbey


Since starting in September 2016, I am more than happy how WhimsyandCosy has taken off.

New people can arrive all the time, in case you missed any posts the categories and archives are available, did you for instance enjoy the Wander through this English Village or Festive time Here

Talking of enjoying, hoping you may make my Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup

Or… my yummy Pie

Also, as you know I love my reading too, What have you been reading? December reading was enjoyable for me, especially the book Mistletoe on 34th Street

TODAY’S brand new visit though, is of the festive tree display held at Lacock Abbey around December time….

Lacock Abbey Gates


I love trees, and the tree display inside the grounds of Lacock Abbey, in December, are something I look forward to seeing if I am lucky enough to get the chance.

The many trees – placed inside the famous Lacock Abbey Cloisters  – (made famous in part – in recent years- by the filming of ‘Harry Potter’) are designed by different  schools/groups/clubs/organizations/charities for the event.

It’s beautiful and calming, fun to walk around, and a joy to see.  I want to share my wonderful time with you all out there as well.

Lets go!

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Mystery Blogger Award

OOH – I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award ( these type of awards created by bloggers and given to bloggers), it’s a bit of fun to participate and has no obligation.

There is me, Zozie, scheduled all my posts and ready to sit back and TRY and blog less ahead for Christmas  and then this little compliment comes my way and here I am with a special extra blog for you all 🙂

As a new blogger I don’t know much about all this, but I have heard the Mystery Blogger  award is for captivating, inspiring and motivating via blog… and to be honest that is SO MY BAG! (I try at least )

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Gifts full of Whimsy or Cosy

Well, with a title for the site such as WhimsyandCosy , I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share with you some ideas, to help if you have the holiday shopping to do. 

Some people are harder than others to buy for and some gifts are suitable for so many people,  some gifts for just one or two people you know,  or even just the one!

Either way I have traveled around my home looking about over the past month, getting ideas to demonstrate to you that buying gifts is driven more by feelings and knowledge of likes, more driven than things that aid a comfortable life, or that make people laugh.. than anything.

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Children’s Book Ideas – 10 TOP tips

I am really happy to chat about Children’s books with you, because I love them so much, for children.. wonderful yes –but also FOR ME! 

That puts me in an excellent position to give you Holiday Gift ideas for the little ones in your life, (as I have been every age till now!)  or .. FOR YOURSELF. 

I am in no way ashamed to admit I LOVE TO- especially in the autumn/winter, – curl up in bed with a copy of the Famous Five by Enid Blyton, or the latest Anne Booth cute animal tale with a twist of MAGIC.  Give me a  C.S Lewis read, or finding the Wind in the Willows on my kindle, pure delight! So Lets dive into the reading delight of CHILDREN’S BOOKS.

Firstly when finding books for presents it is good to ask Children what appeals, it simply is… take a child into Waterstones, or your local bookshop and go to the children’s section and see how much they will enjoy it, it is likely to be A LOT. My advice ALLOW TIME…for both of you to enjoy it. Here are my top 10 tips.

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