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Lagom – Declutter Eight Top Tips challenge, for WhimsyandCosy Group.

Hello, I recently started a group focused on Lagom (balance is the best word to give its ‘vibe’). It’s perfect for all those who love Hygee or those who are simply looking to make life more simple and appreciate the little things as being the big things mentality . 

Lagom Group HERE

I’m all on board with this as I love these things, and simplicity and home comforts are one of my favourite things,  although not a minimalist at all I am very good at clearing clutter generally and I love to organise things and make the most of them where I can.

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Lagom, what is it? -If you love Hygee…

Lagom- have you even heard of it?

It is likely to be familiar with you if you live in Scandinavia especially Sweden, Norway shone for Hygee, now it is the turn of Sweden to shine for Lagom!

I had not heard of Lagom until sort of recently – it came across my path due to my interest in hygee, – the art of cozy in a way… what i Love about hygee is it connected to me in the that I felt it was how i am really, enjoying the cozy moments of life a great deal, everyone has their own hygge and when i heard Lagom was in a way connected of course i was interested!

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Late night Reading – Bookworm Problems June

Well, are you like me, love your reading, always looking for chances to read, but due to things to do functional and fun, you find that your best reading time is before sleep, so in you climb, covers up, lamp on, open book… is it REALLY the best time for that murder mystery?

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Hygge times from March – enjoy the spring

Here is my Hygge times – well some of them – which happened as March unfolded, as we enter April it is spring showers and bursts of sun, make the most of appreciating every season and try to look for what you love about it.

During March one of my absolute favorite things has been my new MUG- an actual mug for my drinks themed to RED NOSE DAY.

Red nose day, for those who don’t know, is a charity fund-raising day which happens every two years in the UK, and it is supported by comedians hence the red nose.

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Hygge Moments – Zozie’s February

What’s been hygge for me February- well, bring crazily in love with someone leads you towards special February moments a plenty. 

I have been spoilt with treats of craft bits such such as a cute flowers stamper set, a harry Potter sticker book and a Pixar (I love Disney movies) postcard set.  These were special romantic gestures and as such really thoughtful and giving me nice hygge moments crafting and creating (which is one of my best forms of relaxation ) 

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Danish ‘Hygge’ – What is it and do you do it already?

Relaxing read next to my bed, finding out about the Danish way to live well with ‘The little book of Hygge’

I have just been introduced to the Danish word ‘Hygge recently, I am very excited as the essence of it is how I like to live my life anyway, and what this website is all about at heart, read on…

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It’s not all fun and games


Just thought I would write you a little note every so often to keep the updates more often – my longer updates take a long time to plan prepare and do- along with any pictures and tagging of the blog post and hoping lots will want to read it (well, lots to ME ) 

-I get tired like you all and I have things to do and needs of relaxation.’s funny…doing my blog is something I am loving doing but relaxing is not MOST of what it’s about. But I am trying to be less concerned about getting the posts seen – although I hope you see it!

 If you look up info about blogging you will start to see the information roll in… and I’m just doing this as a hobby- as a way of bringing more enjoyment /entertainment out into the world. I’m not making money from it. 

I do its as it’s fun and I get nice compliment’s on it that tell me others like it. So if it gives to someone’s day in a positive way then that makes me feel good.

Today I feel so tired- I’ve spent the morning carting armfuls of washing upstairs and folding and putting away LOADS . The washing baskets already nearly full and I keep loads going regularly – where does it come from? – is it almost- only ALMOST – as big a mystery as missing socks from a pair .

I want to read or something now,  I’m concerned my brain won’t let me switch off – but I intend to try.

latest read review here for you

Glad quite a lot have visited to read my latest cozy mystery review. I am reading another but it’s the third and last lighthouse library mystery. More on that another time.

I have an audio book on the go too- do you ever audio? 

Hoping my weekend is relaxing and my brain will wind down into relaxation a bit more.

latest crochet update at this time

Wishing you a weekend filled with as MUCH relaxing as you can cram in.

What TV and books might YOU like to watch read – I’m watching The Voice tomorrow I think and the final (?)of Dance Dance Dance.

Would love any comments or shares😊

Take Care