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Life with Zozie January 2017

Hi all, so good to catch up with you and I thought today I would do a bit of a ‘my latest’ type post, it feels like a good way to say hello and get you up to date with some of what is running around my head.

January is often not an easy month is it, I LOVE Christmas and as such although start the new year with a fresh start mentality I think it still is not the positive boost to me that November and December is, in fact I love Autumn so much and Winter can sometimes feel not as fun BUT I am determined to embrace every single season and its joys and what I love BEST about winter is the COSY aspect. 

It is the season for warmth (even if its easy to feel a bit chilly) and for hot drinks (same in Summer though!) and for blankets see Crochet Fun HERE and in my case ‘slankets’ … more on that later.

I wanted to tell you what I am up to, reading, craft and more this January .

For starters…

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Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts as Doctor Who?

I love the Harry Potter Books and as such was keen to read the book of ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ by J K Rowling.

At Christmas I was lucky enough to be given the book, a lovely deep blue and gold look lettering, hardback, and it is of the screen play so reads in a very unusual way.I had high hopes.

Just finished reading it!  and can really see ‘Newt’ as a Doctor Who…

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Goosebumps, Joy, and a MONTHLY UPDATE

Hello ALL

Well it has been another month of the world of Zozie at WhimsyandCosy.  As well as giving you pointers toward some of this last months offerings that you may have missed …I am going to fill you in with some reviews of movies I have recently watched that you may enjoy yourself and want to look out for. Featured is GOOSEBUMPS starring Jack Black and JOY starring Jennifer Lawrence.

I am a bit of a MOVIE BUFF .. I love the big screen, One of my favorite trips out always is the CINEMA, love the whole atmosphere, the dark, the quiet, the immersion, the COSY!  but failing a trip to the cinema, which to be frank is getting a bit more expensive now.. I am happy to get cinema at home with our NOW TV subscription, PRIME subscription, and MORE4 box set app!  Here’s what we are loving at the ZOZIE HOUSEHOLD…

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Put your feet up, with a hot drink! I am having a challenging day reader  – yes EVEN ZOZIE POSIE is not infallible and today has been a catalogue of annoyances and stresses, and some days you are just that bit more vulnerable than others, – I know I am , but there IS a SILVER LINING , this IS going to be a POSITIVE piece, its what I am here for! the POWER OF PLAYLIST lands in your lap!

What’s it for you? not many of us feel too unemotional about music, I think it is because music is a way to transmit feelings and it can be so powerful and so LOUD (not too blasting ideally I Know is BEST ..I do know!)

Music can transform us, it is like alchemy! –

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