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Late night Reading – Bookworm Problems June

Well, are you like me, love your reading, always looking for chances to read, but due to things to do functional and fun, you find that your best reading time is before sleep, so in you climb, covers up, lamp on, open book… is it REALLY the best time for that murder mystery?

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The last ‘Lighthouse Library’ Mystery book – a great ‘cozy’

Well, the time came!- I have been hoarding the last lighthouse library mystery and wondered what secrets it held. 

Basically it wasn’t planned as a three book series – it was cancelled in a massive cozy cull (noooooooo!)Now having just discovered  it –  I wave it goodbye EXCEPT for the fact I can re- read if I want (yeay).

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A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery – do they crochet or knit?

A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery is the first in a series by Molly MacRae.

I just finished it recently and really enjoyed it – wanted to tell you how I found it as my latest cozy mystery read.

I mean… haunted yarn shop –  gotta be a good premise for a book hasn’t it, its such an interesting idea and firstly I love yarn with my love of crochet see Crochet-A-Long 2017 announcement  


but secondly in a book ghosts can be fantastic for a story line.

One of the things I can find with a cozy is sometimes the reasons that attracted you to the book are not highlighted in the story as much as you may like,- as they are a very back part to the story BUT here the ghostly yarn shop was brought in enough, although I have to say the yarn shop itself didn’t appear to be haunted!! it was the house that our protagonist was staying in that was. (so a little confused on that one). Seeing as there was yarn (although take note LITTLE of it) I was pleased, and there was a ghost (LOTS of ghost chat ).

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Life with Zozie January 2017

Hi all, so good to catch up with you and I thought today I would do a bit of a ‘my latest’ type post, it feels like a good way to say hello and get you up to date with some of what is running around my head.

January is often not an easy month is it, I LOVE Christmas and as such although start the new year with a fresh start mentality I think it still is not the positive boost to me that November and December is, in fact I love Autumn so much and Winter can sometimes feel not as fun BUT I am determined to embrace every single season and its joys and what I love BEST about winter is the COSY aspect. 

It is the season for warmth (even if its easy to feel a bit chilly) and for hot drinks (same in Summer though!) and for blankets see Crochet Fun HERE and in my case ‘slankets’ … more on that later.

I wanted to tell you what I am up to, reading, craft and more this January .

For starters…

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Here’s the thing… I’m a reader…and a book collector …now that’s a good thing BUT can lead to full shelves and a lot of decision.

Also there is the fact that of my physical books I have read MOST (pretty good one that) but some I hoard years and they get less appealing as I think I don’t fancy reading them…

Anna Hulse in my book club on Facebook  (search ‘whimsyandcosy book club’ to join us) has done the impressive and bold thing of clearing her unread books into a large shelf area and has plans to in 2017 read them or they must GO..

Harsh but fair…it’s like what they say about clothes but that’s for another blog piece.

I have a few books I’m just not sure I will read or even like and I would like to set myself the challenge. ..(I’ve not got 30 like Anna! – If I remember correctly what she said ) but it’s a motivator with my pile… 

I’m at this time planning to add the piece on just WHAT I have in that pile and why have I not read it yet into the whimsyandcosy PDF…which will be exclusive to my email subscribers. ..

So if you want to see pics of what I’m going to try and make the move on book wise so to speak …sign up for the blog fun and all will be revealed about the TO BE READ pile !

Do any of YOU fancy diving into those forgotten and ignored books this year? 



see Book Challenge for the whimsyand cosy challenge on general book aims 🙂

​WhimsyandCosy Book Challenge 

WhimsyandCosy Book Challenge 

for 2017

I love reading…and anyone who reads regularly knows this…

Hoping you would like to join the fun of a BOOK CHALLENGE with me or on my book club on facebook…both are here for you to enjoy all! There is a cozy mystery challenge list available for my EMAIL  subscribers if you ask- FUN 


Read a book you….
1 Feel represents the season…winter
2 Feel you have been putting off
3 Feel represents the season Spring
4 Feel you wouldn’t normally pick but might be a good read..
5 Feel represents the season Summer
6 Have read before
7 Have been given for a gift
8 Feel represents the season Autumn

9 Have really looked forward to

10 Read as part of a book group  (can join whimsyandcosy book club on Facebook if like )
Join the club – search ‘whimsyandcosy book club’

Hope you enjoy it


Let’s dive into ‘A Familiar Tail’

‘A Familiar Tail’… a twist on an old expression and this book is a delight, if you are – like me – into the COZY MYSTERY genre.

Really attracted to read this book  from the fun of the cover, spooky old house, a cute cat, and various run down things …like an old (creaky you would guess) gate, a well worn shovel and.. why is there a little yellow bird there too?  it all MEANS SOMETHING when you are reading a cozy.

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