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Zozie’s Turmeric and Cheese Loaf

I have been busy baking with the help of my trusty Kitchen Aid and a bit of CREATIVE INSPIRATION, to make a lovely  (I hope, it’s in progress as I type,… raising on the kitchen table in the sun shine)…  Turmeric and Cheese Loaf

I put my creative hat on metaphorically speaking and thought about WHAT would add a small delicate kick to what is a VERY LARGE batch of dough that I have created this morning in the kitchen, while overlooking my frosty garden on this cool day outside.

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Zozie’s Lemon Loaf Recipe

Lemon Bread… Hmm… I may have created a whole new ‘thing’ here with this recipe. Having been inspired by the fact in the Zozie household we are cutting back a GREAT DEAL on sugar, I set out to create a sort of cake/bread that relied upon the tart tasty lemon to bring a sweet zing to our taste buds. I want to share with you the recipe what was created.

We already didn’t eat that much sugar but with a bit of a requirement to cut back on sugar, it leads to more and more creativity in the kitchen at Zozie’s, and luckily I do love creativity. as many of you regularly reading may know, (seeing as my book and  journal club link HERE and  article about it Here – used to have a cooking thread, an art thread, a making something thread – the only reason it doesn’t now is I created a craft/art club as well – join Here and read about it Here   Plus see some results Here!

Anyway, back to the task in hand, we have established I love creativity, and so I set to work making a lemon treat to be a HEALTHY snack.

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Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup- 12 easy steps

I am a bit of an expert when it comes to soup, it’s one of my favorite foods, so versatile and variable in varieties, .. I LOVE EATING SOUP. If you don’t … why miss out any longer.  Time to catch up.

Had to share my latest soup creation with you, My own RECIPE I must say creating soups is something likely to come up a fair bit on here as I just love doing it, and have made many of them over the years.

Not a lot I like more than the feeling of sitting down at the dinner table, with a steaming bowl of goodness ready to dive into, and a buttered sandwich or bread roll on the side plate, – that suits me just fine too, to compliment the hearty soup you understand…

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Here is the recipe I created this year for Pumpkin Soup, so good after all that pumpkin carving – put those insides to GOOD USE, no need to waste that yummy fruit! It’s so tasty.

Pumpkin is a member of the SQUASH family and is often thought to be a vegetable, actually it is classed as a fruit, but either way sweet or savory , it can make a delicious SOUP!  Enjoy my recipe, created in my kitchen…

If you want to see how else we celebrate HALLOWEEN- see HERE for Pumpkin Carving and HERE for special HALLOWEEN TEA EVENT...

Zozie’s Pumpkin Soup

1 Put the insides of the pumpkin, medium sized used by me, into the soup maker or pan, no seeds

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Zoe’s Delightful Cheese and Chicken Pie

Well, who doesn’t love a PIE, no-one I know…

We may not always like the same ones best but there is something about biting into that yummy melting mix of flavors, surrounded with the substantial pastry which is simply YUMMY!…especially in Autumn/Winter

I make several pies, sometimes they take me a LONG long time to make, from scratch, with my kitchen aid  (prized kitchen possession!) or just mixing and rolling by hand. I also sometimes like the shop to provide my pastry-sometimes  ready rolled! I like ALL the ways that can get me to homemade pie!

Great thing about making your pie yourself is you know just what goes in, and can control that.  Pies are delicious,cosy and I wanted to share a really simple one with you today, I made up the recipe, it is simple but tastes so delicious….

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