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Level 10 Life – what IS it?

Level ten life has become extremely popular on the internet/in groups/blogs, I keep seeing it pop up and have dabbled in it myself.

Some seems to wonder just WHAT Level Ten life is about and what do you actually DO? So here is a quick rundown for you on it as I see it anyway ūüôā

The concept seems to have sprung into popularity from the big success of the book a while back called ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.

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It’s not all fun and games


Just thought I would write you a little note every so often to keep the updates more often – my longer updates take a long time to plan prepare and do- along with any pictures and tagging of the blog post and hoping lots will want to read it (well, lots to ME ) 

-I get tired like you all and I have things to do and needs of relaxation.’s funny…doing my blog is something I am loving doing but relaxing is not MOST of what it’s about. But I am trying to be less concerned about getting the posts seen – although I hope you see it!

 If you look up info about blogging you will start to see the information roll in… and I’m just doing this as a hobby- as a way of bringing more enjoyment /entertainment out into the world. I’m not making money from it. 

I do its as it’s fun and I get nice compliment’s on it that tell me others like it. So if it gives to someone’s day in a positive way then that makes me feel good.

Today I feel so tired- I’ve spent the morning carting armfuls of washing upstairs and folding and putting away LOADS . The washing baskets already nearly full and I keep loads going regularly – where does it come from? – is it almost- only ALMOST – as big a mystery as missing socks from a pair .

I want to read or something now,  I’m concerned my brain won’t let me switch off – but I intend to try.

latest read review here for you

Glad quite a lot have visited to read my latest cozy mystery review. I am reading another but it’s the third and last lighthouse library mystery. More on that another time.

I have an audio book on the go too- do you ever audio? 

Hoping my weekend is relaxing and my brain will wind down into relaxation a bit more.

latest crochet update at this time

Wishing you a weekend filled with as MUCH relaxing as you can cram in.

What TV and books might YOU like to watch read – I’m watching The Voice tomorrow I think and the final (?)of Dance Dance Dance.

Would love any comments or sharesūüėä

Take Care 


My Johanna Basford Colouring Day-To-Day Calendar

I am so happy with this treat from the sales of Johanna Basford Colouring Calendar that I wanted to tell you about it and show you how lovely her artwork is to colour.

This is a wonderful set of colouring to do, as you may know I love colouring , see the Whimsy Colouring challenge HERE and more Johanna talk¬†Colouring Fun ‚Äď Johanna Basford

There is something so calming and creative about colouring and there are some amazing results that can be had.

What I liked about the idea of this was that the pictures were smaller and I thought probably faster to colour, although it’s not a race I wanted to feel I had completed more pictures from my growing colouring collection.

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Author Interview – Amanda James

The treat for you today of an author interview.

As you know I love reading…  I had so enjoyed reading ‘A Stitch in Time’  that I  wanted to share the interview I did with Amanda James the author, a while back.

‘A Stitch in Time’ was a FASCINATING read…GREAT for those that like adventure in their reading… with some time travel reading excitement thrown in. 

WHATS NOT TO LOVE reading a good book… To hear more about the writing of the book from the author’s experience, do read on…

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‚ÄčWhimsyandCosy Book Challenge¬†

WhimsyandCosy Book Challenge 

for 2017

I love reading…and anyone who reads regularly knows this…

Hoping you would like to join the fun of a BOOK CHALLENGE with me ¬† or on my book club on facebook…both are here for you to enjoy all! There is a cozy mystery challenge list available for my EMAIL ¬†subscribers if you ask- FUN¬†


Read a book you….
1 Feel represents the season…winter
2 Feel you have been putting off
3 Feel represents the season Spring
4 Feel you wouldn’t normally pick but might be a good read..
5 Feel represents the season Summer
6 Have read before
7 Have been given for a gift
8 Feel represents the season Autumn

9 Have really looked forward to

10 Read as part of a book group  (can join whimsyandcosy book club on Facebook if like )
Join the club – search ‘whimsyandcosy book club’

Hope you enjoy it


Mystery Blogger Award

OOH – I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award ( these type of awards created by bloggers and given to bloggers), it’s a bit of fun to participate and has no obligation.

There is me, Zozie, scheduled all my posts and ready to sit back and TRY and blog less ahead for Christmas¬† and then this little compliment comes my way and here I am with a special extra blog for you all ūüôā

As a new blogger I don’t know much about all this, but I have heard the Mystery Blogger¬† award is for captivating, inspiring and motivating via blog… and to be honest that is SO MY BAG! (I try at least )

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My Top 8 Tips Blogging -first month SECRETS

Interested in how the magic happens?¬† Let me tell you. My tips and realizations…

It’s my one month ‘BLOGiversary’ TODAY! (dances around, throws streamers, hangs posters metaphorically speaking!) … its flown by and I have worked very hard to get my blog off the ground running! I’m happy with the RESULTS. Here’s my TOP TIPS

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