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Hygge times from March – enjoy the spring

Here is my Hygge times – well some of them – which happened as March unfolded, as we enter April it is spring showers and bursts of sun, make the most of appreciating every season and try to look for what you love about it.

During March one of my absolute favorite things has been my new MUG- an actual mug for my drinks themed to RED NOSE DAY.

Red nose day, for those who don’t know, is a charity fund-raising day which happens every two years in the UK, and it is supported by comedians hence the red nose.

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Let’s get Spring Relaxation

Lets get Spring Relaxation

Wanted to share with you the chance to see some gorgeous sights I have recently enjoyed with ‘Man of Mine’.

Spring is finally here, although I am still regularly wrapped up in a big coat and cosy hat, I am feeling spring-like when I get the chance to take in sights like this of the glorious English countryside.

Hope you will enjoy seeing these pictures we took, they were not taken all on the same day or even week, but you will get to enjoy some of the gorgeous delights nature gives. Hope they bring a spring flourish into YOUR day too.

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Festive Trees at Lacock Abbey


Since starting in September 2016, I am more than happy how WhimsyandCosy has taken off.

New people can arrive all the time, in case you missed any posts the categories and archives are available, did you for instance enjoy the Wander through this English Village or Festive time Here

Talking of enjoying, hoping you may make my Zozie’s Leek and Pea Soup

Or… my yummy Pie

Also, as you know I love my reading too, What have you been reading? December reading was enjoyable for me, especially the book Mistletoe on 34th Street

TODAY’S brand new visit though, is of the festive tree display held at Lacock Abbey around December time….

Lacock Abbey Gates


I love trees, and the tree display inside the grounds of Lacock Abbey, in December, are something I look forward to seeing if I am lucky enough to get the chance.

The many trees – placed inside the famous Lacock Abbey Cloisters  – (made famous in part – in recent years- by the filming of ‘Harry Potter’) are designed by different  schools/groups/clubs/organizations/charities for the event.

It’s beautiful and calming, fun to walk around, and a joy to see.  I want to share my wonderful time with you all out there as well.

Lets go!

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Whitehall Garden Centre at Christmas

You don’t usually associate garden centres with being a destination aim at Christmas, but if you take the time to visit this particular one – Whitehall Garden Centre,  you will find you want to go back year after year.

To say Whitehall ‘go in’ for Christmas is a bit of an understatement, it really is so much more than the image of a garden centre at this time of year.

Anyone for choosing what is surely thousands of tree decorations?  want to choose Christmas lights to string along your house?  fancy seeing a Reindeer? … YES… you heard me right, a Reindeer… Fun for every age here.

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Lacock – Wander through this English Village

Oh how I enjoyed this little wander around the little village of Lacock, it is in England in the south. 

Often used for period dramas on television and movies because it is so pretty and old fashioned… with quirky buildings and interesting streets… it’s a LOT of fun to go for a stroll there.

Lacock, Love that village, it is popular tourist haunt as although small it has movie history (Harry Potter to Jane Austen) and it quiet, relaxing and calming in my experience. It does get busy at the most likely tourist times and seems to have tourist presence year round but it has a quality that generally charms.

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Considering where to go? Like the countryside? If you are in England, If you are visiting England, this guide  has tips for a wonderful day out , visiting an impressive house and amazing garden, full of beauty and history. I can recommend STOURHEAD deep in the  English countryside.

I loved how this looked bathed in sunlight

It was the most WONDERFUL trip out recently, Man of Mine and Myself took ourselves visiting a place in the English countryside called STOURHEAD, its within the county of Wiltshire in England.
Stourhead boasts a house and massive  (6250 acres!) of beautifully landscaped gardens.

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What does NOVEMBER mean to YOU?

Well, waking up today it’s November..I can’t help but feel a little excited as it is one of my favorite months of the year to wake up and arrive in! What does November mean to YOU?  To me it means, COSY and you know how Zozie LOVES her cosy! (well, you must be starting to get the idea!)

October was FUN, it gave me chances to spread my wings into my newly started BLOG here! and to grow more my new craft club (includes art) on Facebook (alongside my book club hitting 1.4K  – who knew it could do that in 7 months!)

Read about those in  Books HERE and Crafts HERE

November means I want to hunker down and read even more, if that’s possible! Reading more IS possible as I always think I could be reading more each day, I usually end up reading just before I go to sleep.

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