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Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Bookworm Problems #2

On the next in the whimsy Cosy bookworm series, today it is about judging a book by its cover… we are not supposed to… but how many of us do it anyway.

I am a big reader, I go through little phases of how much I read but I am a big reader, books are wonderful!

However, books have covers and we are certainly not supposed to judge by it, the cover does not indicate how well the book will be written or how exciting it will be, it does not tell us how page turning it will feel, and it does not let us know if it has the magic of good storytelling, or all the facts we ‘need’ on a topic.  It does not tell us if the book is factually correct … or if it will REALLY make us laugh.

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The last ‘Lighthouse Library’ Mystery book – a great ‘cozy’

Well, the time came!- I have been hoarding the last lighthouse library mystery and wondered what secrets it held. 

Basically it wasn’t planned as a three book series – it was cancelled in a massive cozy cull (noooooooo!)Now having just discovered  it –  I wave it goodbye EXCEPT for the fact I can re- read if I want (yeay).

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A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery – do they crochet or knit?

A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery is the first in a series by Molly MacRae.

I just finished it recently and really enjoyed it – wanted to tell you how I found it as my latest cozy mystery read.

I mean… haunted yarn shop –  gotta be a good premise for a book hasn’t it, its such an interesting idea and firstly I love yarn with my love of crochet see Crochet-A-Long 2017 announcement  


but secondly in a book ghosts can be fantastic for a story line.

One of the things I can find with a cozy is sometimes the reasons that attracted you to the book are not highlighted in the story as much as you may like,- as they are a very back part to the story BUT here the ghostly yarn shop was brought in enough, although I have to say the yarn shop itself didn’t appear to be haunted!! it was the house that our protagonist was staying in that was. (so a little confused on that one). Seeing as there was yarn (although take note LITTLE of it) I was pleased, and there was a ghost (LOTS of ghost chat ).

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Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts as Doctor Who?

I love the Harry Potter Books and as such was keen to read the book of ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ by J K Rowling.

At Christmas I was lucky enough to be given the book, a lovely deep blue and gold look lettering, hardback, and it is of the screen play so reads in a very unusual way.I had high hopes.

Just finished reading it!  and can really see ‘Newt’ as a Doctor Who…

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Gifts full of Whimsy or Cosy

Well, with a title for the site such as WhimsyandCosy , I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share with you some ideas, to help if you have the holiday shopping to do. 

Some people are harder than others to buy for and some gifts are suitable for so many people,  some gifts for just one or two people you know,  or even just the one!

Either way I have traveled around my home looking about over the past month, getting ideas to demonstrate to you that buying gifts is driven more by feelings and knowledge of likes, more driven than things that aid a comfortable life, or that make people laugh.. than anything.

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Let’s dive into ‘A Familiar Tail’

‘A Familiar Tail’… a twist on an old expression and this book is a delight, if you are – like me – into the COZY MYSTERY genre.

Really attracted to read this book  from the fun of the cover, spooky old house, a cute cat, and various run down things …like an old (creaky you would guess) gate, a well worn shovel and.. why is there a little yellow bird there too?  it all MEANS SOMETHING when you are reading a cozy.

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Toys are fun, they are good for Children’s development / well being, they are great gifts, AND surely they are some of the most WELCOME parcels ON THE PLANET 

I believe toys are for ADULTS too!

Yet when we grow up we can forget how to play, how to BE playful, how to have our imagination captured and to be CATAPULTED someplace else for a while

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