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Lagom, what is it? -If you love Hygee…

Lagom- have you even heard of it?

It is likely to be familiar with you if you live in Scandinavia especially Sweden, Norway shone for Hygee, now it is the turn of Sweden to shine for Lagom!

I had not heard of Lagom until sort of recently – it came across my path due to my interest in hygee, – the art of cozy in a way… what i Love about hygee is it connected to me in the that I felt it was how i am really, enjoying the cozy moments of life a great deal, everyone has their own hygge and when i heard Lagom was in a way connected of course i was interested!

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‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ – A reading classic

‘The wonderful wizard of oz’  (oz series book 1)  I HAD to blog about this book, I read lots of books and this one struck a chord with me and I knew I wanted to share the love of it with you here at the blog. It’s a classic read and I was keen to see if it differed from the movie and what the experience of reading it would be.

I love the movie but  I’m not a super fan and haven’t seen it a million times, as such I don’t remember all the film detail, but what I can tell you is I was hoping to be swept away on a nostalgic tour of Oz and a chance to – via the (FREE) kindle read- rediscover old friends like the cowardly lion and the tin man. I was hoping for joy.

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Level 10 Life – what IS it?

Level ten life has become extremely popular on the internet/in groups/blogs, I keep seeing it pop up and have dabbled in it myself.

Some seems to wonder just WHAT Level Ten life is about and what do you actually DO? So here is a quick rundown for you on it as I see it anyway 🙂

The concept seems to have sprung into popularity from the big success of the book a while back called ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.

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Crochet – Talking Work in Progress

Work in progress – I guess that’s  common to nearly all of us who get into crafts especially the yarn ones like my crochet! 

I love crochet  ..it is relaxing and yet poses a challenge regularly if you experiment with it …oh and the THINGS YOU CAN MAKE! 

That’s half the trouble with craft – starting…  it comes from being inspired…. and then you KEEP being inspired… and feel all excited for the next project as it looks so – usually cute –  in my case.

Unless you spend almost full days on crochet it can be hard to do a make quickly .

For me, crochet is all about the relaxing – the process. ..and yet then I want results for my inspiration, but that does, of course, come with a lot of concentrating and time – when you crochet to relax – often I choose evenings to crochet too…then it means you are tired so that is why I love snugly fulfilling and colourful crochet blankets. …

I start 2017 with 4 works in progress – will I finish them all …not sure (and I am finding them a bit hard ) but do I want to start another YES!

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Would You Try Glass Blowing?

Teri J Schultz is a member of my Whimsyandcosy Craft Club , join HERE,  Recently Teri posted pictures of some GLASS BLOWING she had done, (the Ladies on my group are so varied in their talents), and I found it so pretty and interesting that I wanted to show you here at the blog. So that you could be inspired too.

Glass Blowing always sounds very difficult and very hard to get to do, to me at least, and playing with all that heat! – … well you wonder if you are going to get burnt!

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CROCHET Inspiration – Scarves..Blankets and a Hat

I love crochet and one of my favorite things to crochet is blankets.  They are to me a way of relaxing …maybe along with an audio book, podcast ,  or good TV show 

When first learning to crochet, my aim was purely to help DE-stress, it was WAY more about the method than results…which was handy as I spent the first two weeks re-doing the first few lines . ..

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