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Harry Potter Studio Tour Tips 2018

After a little wait here I am getting my thoughts on to paper (so to speak) on the fun of the Warner bros studio tour I went to last September (2017) – it’s probably impossible to find words good enough for just HOW great it was to visit as such a big harry potter fan, but it is amazing and I will tell you lots about it!

When we went, the studio had an extra exhibition of the wizarding wardrobes – it often has an added theme so its well worth looking out for them in case something especially suits you. The wizarding wardrobe meant that the place had extra costumes used in the movies in and I found it fascinating!!

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How do YOU decide… what to read next? Bookworm Problems #3

It’s a good problem to have… the problem of what to read next, so many books out there, and with the arrival of kindle years ago it seems you can buy books for a lot less than a magazine pretty often.

I have read nearly all of the books on my bookcases, some have come and gone that i never read but that is pretty rare for me if I have wanted them and chosen them, I am usually enthusiastic about books so much so that I want to read them soon as I get them.

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Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Bookworm Problems #2

On the next in the whimsy Cosy bookworm series, today it is about judging a book by its cover… we are not supposed to… but how many of us do it anyway.

I am a big reader, I go through little phases of how much I read but I am a big reader, books are wonderful!

However, books have covers and we are certainly not supposed to judge by it, the cover does not indicate how well the book will be written or how exciting it will be, it does not tell us how page turning it will feel, and it does not let us know if it has the magic of good storytelling, or all the facts we ‘need’ on a topic.  It does not tell us if the book is factually correct … or if it will REALLY make us laugh.

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A Court of Thorns and Roses

Wow, this series got of to a dramatic start, after hearing it could be a slow start I was surprised how captured I was by ‘ A court of Thorns and Roses’- a book I had no idea  it was a beauty and the beast inspired retelling but read it thinking… ‘this is really like beauty and the beast’.. HA, so Sarah J Mass did a great job then.

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Bookworm Problems #1 Bookshelf Organisation

Bookshelf Organization is one of the most fun TASKS that us book lovers can have, it is hard work and effort and yet is the best labour of love book related you can have.

Discuss with me!- 🙂

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YA fiction has some of the most dramatic reads

I can really go through reading phases with genres, and moods for books can really change at times.

I found myself in a bit of a reading slump that even one of my Cookbook Nook reads waiting on my shelf couldn’t solve (great reads usually to me in the cozy mystery department)

I needed a book that would grip me, one of those ones you just can’t put down easily.  One where you just need to know what happens as soon as you can.

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Hygge times from March – enjoy the spring

Here is my Hygge times – well some of them – which happened as March unfolded, as we enter April it is spring showers and bursts of sun, make the most of appreciating every season and try to look for what you love about it.

During March one of my absolute favorite things has been my new MUG- an actual mug for my drinks themed to RED NOSE DAY.

Red nose day, for those who don’t know, is a charity fund-raising day which happens every two years in the UK, and it is supported by comedians hence the red nose.

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