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Late night Reading – Bookworm Problems June

Well, are you like me, love your reading, always looking for chances to read, but due to things to do functional and fun, you find that your best reading time is before sleep, so in you climb, covers up, lamp on, open book… is it REALLY the best time for that murder mystery?

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A Court of Thorns and Roses

Wow, this series got of to a dramatic start, after hearing it could be a slow start I was surprised how captured I was by ‘ A court of Thorns and Roses’- a book I had no idea  it was a beauty and the beast inspired retelling but read it thinking… ‘this is really like beauty and the beast’.. HA, so Sarah J Mass did a great job then.

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YA fiction has some of the most dramatic reads

I can really go through reading phases with genres, and moods for books can really change at times.

I found myself in a bit of a reading slump that even one of my Cookbook Nook reads waiting on my shelf couldn’t solve (great reads usually to me in the cozy mystery department)

I needed a book that would grip me, one of those ones you just can’t put down easily.  One where you just need to know what happens as soon as you can.

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Let’s get Spring Relaxation

Lets get Spring Relaxation

Wanted to share with you the chance to see some gorgeous sights I have recently enjoyed with ‘Man of Mine’.

Spring is finally here, although I am still regularly wrapped up in a big coat and cosy hat, I am feeling spring-like when I get the chance to take in sights like this of the glorious English countryside.

Hope you will enjoy seeing these pictures we took, they were not taken all on the same day or even week, but you will get to enjoy some of the gorgeous delights nature gives. Hope they bring a spring flourish into YOUR day too.

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The last ‘Lighthouse Library’ Mystery book – a great ‘cozy’

Well, the time came!- I have been hoarding the last lighthouse library mystery and wondered what secrets it held. 

Basically it wasn’t planned as a three book series – it was cancelled in a massive cozy cull (noooooooo!)Now having just discovered  it –  I wave it goodbye EXCEPT for the fact I can re- read if I want (yeay).

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Danish ‘Hygge’ – What is it and do you do it already?

Relaxing read next to my bed, finding out about the Danish way to live well with ‘The little book of Hygge’

I have just been introduced to the Danish word ‘Hygge recently, I am very excited as the essence of it is how I like to live my life anyway, and what this website is all about at heart, read on…

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Romance Reading this Valentine’s Day

I love a good read, and its nearly Valentine Day so let’s think romance reads.

‘Man of Mine’ is romantic, but I still like reading romance as well, its comforting and restoring after a hard day, okay I prefer a cuddle but who says we can’t have our real life romance and then read about someones else s, even if its fiction.

Romance never goes out of style, although I had wondered on my book club if the type of book that comes to mind with romance is now less in favour and considered cheesy by some, not me, yes SOME reads ARE cheesy but not all and who dislikes a bit of cheese in there reading…

I have a few recommendations for you that earned there place on my bookcases, and I dont know if you have more you can tell me about that I may not have read, it not like any of us can read everything!

1 Bridget Jones Diary

2 A gift to Remember

3 Miracle on 5th Avenue

4 Please dont stop the music

5 Pride and Prejudice

there are more but these are what spring to mind today and will give you something to look up and hopefully enjoy.

I asked in my book and craft club for any suggestions, – I cant vouch for them myself but here are the suggestions and I appreciate all of you for helping me with this list 😉 hopefully they are all great .

Myriam E Flores Perez

Have you read the Christine Feehan Dark series? Also, Linsay Sands’ Argeneau series?

I’m a vampire fan so both of those series mix romance with vampires. Also, I love that both are quite extensive series so there’s always new to read!

Sandy Dunne

The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn and any series by Anne Gracie and of course Eloisa James!!!!

Patricia Marsalek chambers

Anything by Nicholas Sparks. They are not your cookie cutter romance. There is always a deep story told. My favorite is Message in a Bottle.

Chelsea Garret-Kegley

I haven’t read romance books in a long time. But I did recently read Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins for a challenge. It was actually pretty good. She’s a black author & I believe her books are written in that post-slavery/pre civil rights era so it’s an interesting take on the historical romance.


Julie Driver

It’s an oldy but a fav a knight in shining Armor by Jude Devereaux

I love it because it is time travel romance and humor all in one… I do not reread many books but I do that one.

Kyra Wittenauer

Hiding in Plain Sight by Angela Evans.

Katy Marrufo

The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is becoming one of my favorites

Emese Tunde Nyilas

I’m old fashioned: Jane Eyre! And Gone with the Wind. I like heroines who have goals in life other than “get a boyfriend”, and I like heroes who don’t lose their personality as soon as they see a
pretty face (also, heroes who want more in a woman than a pretty face).

Tiffany Meshell

My favorite all around is Outlander. I love the historical aspect almost as much as I love the main characters. The entire series has kept me company for many years!

Lesa Lopeman

Just about anything by Nicholas Sparks. It’s hard to believe his books are written by a man ! Lol

Daphne Leigh Johnson

2nd this!  * this was in response to above*

Mercedes Hughes- Barlow

I like Nora Roberts her female leads all have guts!

Tori Straughn

The Consequences series by Aleatha Romig! They’re not your typical love story. It starts out dark, but has a redemption plot through the 5 books. I absolutely loved them.

Zitta Sommers

To me at least, is a big difference between romance novels and romantic novels 😉 A lot of the books i read has romance elements, but I wouldn’t call them romance novels if you know what I mean

Romance isn’t always a no drama book or only a drama in the will she or wont she realize the hero is crazy about her kind of way, they can be exciting dramatic reads at times, Nora Roberts is an author who I have found like that at times for instance,

Please let me know YOUR favorite in the comments as well, what comes to mind when YOU think romance book? have you read any of these?

Until next time, hoping you have a lovely Valentines Day with your loved one or snuggled up in a blanket with a romance book, (or not or BOTH) have a great February 14th.